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Israel expects a record appearance of voters on elections to Duma

TEL - ABIB, 4 deck - News. Tel - Abib expects a record appearance 4 Israel the Russian voters on elections in the State Duma, the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Israel Sergey Jakovlev has informed News.

According to embassy, more than 4,51 thousand persons from an order 150 thousand diasporas of compatriots at present have voted. " we count that upon termination of the working day the number voted considerably will increase and will beat the previous indicators of activity of voters which reached 8 thousand persons " - Jakovlev has told.

As the Russian diplomat has informed, in connection with increase in a tourist`s stream from Russia on the Israeli coast of Red sea this year the decision to open additional polling district in the resort city of Eilat was accepted. In total in Israel 13 polling districts in the cities of Haifas, as Karmiel, Natseret - Illit, Hadera, Netanija, Tel - Abib, Rishon le - Tsion, Jerusalem, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beer - Sheva, Arad, Eilat work.

" At present data on infringements did not arrive. Voting passes in a regular mode " - the ambassador has informed.

the Russians who are in territory of Gaza Strip and the West Bank of Jordan, have taken part in elections past Friday. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in June has opened in Gaza Strip consular point 4 the help to fellow citizens which from - for blockade have appeared cut off from the native land and representation of the Russian Federation on the West Bank of Jordan. To vote in consular point in the city of Gaza 70 Russians while on the West Bank of Jordan 50 persons have voted nearby have come.