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Drifting platforms in Arctic regions will not replace supervision from ice - the expert

Moscow, 5 deck - News. Drifting ice platforms which Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service plans to use in Arctic regions, cannot replace the supervision conducted by polar explorers from drifting ice floes, the chief of high-altitude Arctic expedition of Institute of Arctic regions and Antarctic (AANII) Vladimir Sokolov has told on Monday of News.

In June, 2010 the head of Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service Alexander Frolov has told that it and its colleagues have suggested to design and construct a floating construction 4 drifting polar stations. In September at a forum " Arctic regions - dialogue territory " he has more in detail told about the project, having explained that the drifting ice platform under the form will remind a cigar to provide " samohodnost " and to avoid compression in ices. According to Sokolov, the project has already met with approval of Sea board at the government of the Russian Federation.

" Some consider that if we will construct a platform and we will sate with its equipment it will replace drifting stations on ice in the pure state - actually it not so " - Sokolov of News has told.

It has explained that value of supervision directly from ice that they are as much as possible authentic and almost deprived distortions. As he said, NE man-made object (a vessel, a platform - red.) " the power creates round itself " absolutely new environment " and 4 reception " pure " the data it is necessary to take out devices on ice, on distance 400 - 500 metres.

" Besides, under the influence of a wind and pressure around vmorozhennoj in platform ice inevitably education of hummocks, under the case will accumulate ice, and to conduct supervision on oceanology too it will appear it is impossible " - Sokolov has told.

According to the expert, the most perspective way - " a certain symbiosis of stations which are at us, and a new ice drifting platform... Life brings to that all is more difficult to find suitable ice, therefore with a view of security decided to go by creation of such platforms ".

In October the head of representation FGUP " Rosatomflot " In Moscow Stanislav Golovinsky has declared that Rosatomflot is ready to consider offers on transfer to using to a science of cases of the atomic-powered vessels taken out of service " Siberia " and " Arctic regions " 4 their transformation into floating Arctic laboratories.

Sokolov has explained to agency that re-equipment and operation of such case will appear to the expensive, and distortion of parametres of environment at measurements - is too great.

" We did corresponding estimations, and it turns out that re-equipment of the nuclear ice breaker taken out of service, in an ice drifting platform, will be more expensive, than creation of the new... Besides, its influence on environment will be essential more than at a small ice platform " - Sokolov has told.

Sokolov has explained that the Russian experience of creation of drifting polar stations in Arctic regions yields unique results 4 a science: " They (stations - red.) Give out information more than the NE vessel working at the World ocean in spite of the fact that polar explorers on an ice floe of only 16 persons, and on courts happens sometimes B4 200 experts ".

Russia - the unique country in the world which will regularly organise drifting ice stations at Arctic ocean. The first drifting station " the North Pole - 1 " under the direction of Ivan Papanina has opened in 1937. Now in Arctic regions the joint venture station - 39 works.