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Management of five institutes of Rosatom is passed Joint-Stock Company " the Science and innovations "

Moscow, 5 deck - News. Directors of five scientifically - research institutes of Rosatom have passed Joint-Stock Company " the Science and innovations " (scientific research institute) of power of an individual executive office within the limits of management system transformation by the scientific organisations entering into the block on management by innovations of nuclear state corporation, informs a press - Joint-Stock Company service " scientific research institute ".

Changes have occurred in Open Society " the State centre of science - Scientifically - research institute of nuclear reactors " (NIIAR), Open Society " Scientifically - research institute of technical physics and automation " (NIITFA), Open Society " State scientifically - research and project institute of the rare-metal industry " Giredmet " Open Society " The leader scientifically - research institute of chemical technology (VNIIHT) and Open Society " Institute reaktornyh matelov " (IRM).

" Thus all heads (institutes) have agreed to continuation of the activity as directors from Joint-Stock Company " the Science and innovations ". The management of the enterprises will be carried out on the basis of powers of attorney. Corresponding orders have come into force on December, 2nd, 2011 " - it is SPK in a MSG.

" Certainly, I understand, what not by all at the given stage clearly 4 what it becomes, but is assured that shortly we will C effect from the spent policy " - are given in a MSG of a word of the general director of a management company " the Science and innovations " Nikolay Kondratyev.

Joint-Stock Company " the Science and innovations " It is created 4 management of actives and scientifically - research activity of the institutes entering into perimetre of the block of management by innovations.

In the company three thematic blocks are generated: himiko - technological, electrophysical and jaderno - power.

Under control of Joint-Stock Company " scientific research institute " there are 14 institutes which are engaged in working out of new technologies.

Rosatom has created Joint-Stock Company " the Science and innovations " 4 consolidation of management by the institutes which are engaged in working out of new technologies, the assistant to the general director of Rosatom Vyacheslav Pershukov has declared earlier.

Joint-Stock Company Management company " scientific research institute " - the legal collective general director over all institutes. Directors operating institutes will have the status of vice-presidents of a management company.

Thus no movement of actives, property occurs, the management system changes only. In total three vice-presidents and the supervisor of studies of ANY1 of blocks will be appointed.

the Company has been registered in the middle of August, the founder of Joint-Stock Company has acted as Open Society " Atomenergoprom ".