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the CTR of young musicians " Revolution " has opened in Moscow

Moscow, 6 deck - News. the CTR of modern music of Igor Sandlera " Revolution " calculated on support of the young talented musicians working in the most different genres and styles, has opened in the CTR of Moscow after two years of building.

" This place which we built two years and which is given us by a pain and blood. It is the unique CTR which problem is to collect all progressive an underground - directions which exist in music - a jazz, fate, the classic, folk. The main thing, it should be the highest performing level " - Sandler has told to journalists on Tuesday.

It has explained that " the underground is not the priest - culture, not a chanson and not a rap, that is everything that on television it is considered not a format ".

" We really want to make musical revolution - us harmony, a melody, giving, zvukoizvlechenie " interests; - has noted Sandler, having added that " Revolution " is not the commercial approach 2 producing of talents which will create a qualitative counterbalance to a foreign scene.

As he said, the CTR is included into holding together with musical magazines, fund of support of tool music of Alexey Kozlova " art - bit " and various sites of a musical orientation.

" At us will be the master - classes, at the CTR there will be a school where it is possible to be taken W children since three years " - he has noted.

Besides the basic teachers, the the master - classes will messages known actors successfully realising the creative life, musicians, literary artists and the fine arts, directors, producers, choreographers, klipmejkery and other talented representatives of the world of art, both our country, and other countries.

Idea of the CTR many Russian musicians, such as Joseph Kobzon, Alexey Kozlov, Larissa Dolina, Alexander Rosenbaum, Igor Larionov, Igor Butman, Vladimir Presnyakov - the senior have supported, Bari Alibasov, Nikolay Noskov, Andrey Makarevich, Garik Sukachyov, Alexander Serov, 2 foreign stars, among which Mark Furner, Max Đavalera, Jon Lord, Ray Wilson, Mastodon, Gogol Bordello, Enter Shikari, ˝hris Norman, A˝˝ept, S˝orpions, Darryl Jones, ˝hris Slade, Keri Kelli and many other things.

According to Joseph Kobzon who has helped the CTR W a premise, " Unfortunately, such people as Sandler, is not enough ".

" to open the CTR, he is engaged in business, and the earned means puts in studio. Such people should be helped " - Kobzon has told and has promised the help at any moment.

Besides, in the CTR of Sandler has constructed sound department, a concert hall W excellent acoustics, and also a museum of musical instruments.