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Who will help now to Afghanistan - EU, the USA or all - taki Russia?

would be exaggeration to tell that a mount – Bonn international conference on Afghanistan – has given birth to the mouse. Nevertheless, from what party look at problems of this regular international action (it is spent since 2001) – everywhere questions. For example, such: who will give now to Afghanistan money – crisis Europe? America disengaging army?

Conference optimistical here has not revealed anything. Or – who will accept this money, that is what power in Afghanistan in the nearest couple of years will appear? Here again all is not so clear.

it is a lot of ministers, it is not enough enthusiasm

the Today`s focal point connected with Afghanistan – it is not so much conference, how much double act of terrorism in Kabul and Mazari - Sharif. The purpose of this action – Shiit community of the country which just has now finished ashuru – ceremonies of memory of imam Hussein killed in 680 year lasting many days (from this event counts the existence a Shiism, the direction of Islam second for number after sunnitskogo).

That is characteristic, world mass-media already have almost ceased to be interested in similar events – both in Afghanistan, and in the next Iraq where on Monday has occurred about the same. And that, and other country are 4gv now W the American and NATO military presence (in Iraq it will occur about New year), and here it will not be possible to say goodbye to terrorism. And if to be exact – W civil war, in Afghanistan at least.

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Bonn conferences were when - that, 10 years ago, are conceived as session of donors or if want, friends and promoters of Afghanistan where in October, 2001 armies of the USA only were entered. In Bonn should answer a question – what for are entered, what Afghanistan is necessary to us and as we will help it. If to take all performances, promises, the ideas voiced in this time from a Bonn tribune, here – parade of hopes and illusions.

Though as a whole - that in 2001 all was clear. Victory over opposition (called usually " Is required; Talibs " though it is very conditional). Then – grandiose international effort on transformation of Afghanistan into the modern prospering state. That meant some tens billions dollars within the first decade.

Decade has passed, is not present either military success, or those, originally declared money. And as them to give, if and the primary dilemma has not dared: The power in Kabul is weak, money to it to give dangerously and if not to give, it weak and remains.

Bonn conferences pass at enough high level – 60 Ministers for Foreign Affairs have taken part in the present, 85 countries are presented, the president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai conducted it by tradition. But as to money and development projects, assurances have sounded only: that was firmly promised earlier, will arrive.

But even in it there are doubts, taking into account that in a weekend is necessary the crisis summit of the European Union which can change destiny of euro as currencies, eurozones as territory and all EU. It is not believed that such situation contributes in desire of Europeans to give money to Afghanistan. In the USA, from them " leaving " from the Near East and from the Central Asia, the same moods.

And here still the conference focal point – refusal of participation in it pakistantsev. Which promised to bring the present, live Talibs. But shortly before conference of force of the NATO have by mistake destroyed by bombing the Pakistan boundary fast, and refusal to go to Bonn – only a part of reaction of Islamabad.

Moscow offers

in general, clearly that present Bonn conference has got as though to an interregnum – between former model of relations " the West - Afghanistan " and any new, conditionally named " Afghanistan and its neighbours ".

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What, for example, the MOM have sounded in enough gloomy speech on a tonality in Bonn the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrova? That Russia – " one of the most interested " In the decision of the Afghani problem of the countries. Also that Moscow suggests to consider SHOS in which WRK participate Afghanistan and all its neighbours, " as a priority platform 4 coordination of the regional contribution to the international efforts on the Afghani settlement ".

Basically, 2 that all also goes. If to consider present Bonn session by the beginning of the shameful end of universal efforts to make something W it is permanent waring and almost primitive country; if to recognise obvious – that to us, that is neighbours of Afghanistan, simply dump the decision of its problems … That except SHOS – and truth nobody. There just participate, as members or observers, both the Central Asian republics, and Pakistan W India, and Iran W China …

It is, of course, very interesting – fainted in economic sense of the USA or EU, and it is very healthy – Lifting of influence of new giants to which Russia W pleasure of carries. And here that our new influence is interfaced to new responsibility – here any pleasure.

In performance of Lavrova the thought that military men of the USA and the NATO are in Afghanistan under the UN Security Council mandate has once again sounded, and W/ O the report B4 SB to leave the country should not.

Well, let us assume, they will report – but after all all the same will leave. And to us remains, among other pleasures, the Afghani crop of opium - a raw (has grown only in comparison with 2010 on 61 % – B4 5800 tons) which flows in that " leaving " from Afghanistan Europe through our territory.