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As dokrichatsja B4 the power? (The area not to offer)

Elections and the protests which have followed after them have shown - the society does not suit a role of the supernumerary in government. This discontent became ripe for a long time, but right now it has poured out in meetings and processions - resolved and not resolved.

the Majority of experts are uniform in opinion that in an event the power in many respects is guilty. The formats of participation of a society offered it in the politician have appeared overdue or insufficient. Long time after elections 2007 - 2008 of offers from the power did not arrive at all. To the contrary, civil forums on which in the stay by the president Vladimir Putin met legal experts, including in opposition adjusted the head of the Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alekseevu have on the sly stopped. Certain steps have been undertaken by president Medvedev, but the president simply by definition could not replace parliament, at absolute power " an United Russia " Ceased to be a place 4 discussions.

" New angry "

And only B4 elections of 2011 business has started to move off dead centre. In the interview to heads of three Russian TV channels of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin has recommended to expand discussions of inside officially registered parties. President Dmitry Medvedev promised to connect the public to development of political decisions in frameworks " the big government ".

" All is steps to a correct direction, but they have been offered 2L8, they should be offered one and a half years ago, - political scientist Alexey Chadaev, the former head of political department of the Central executive committee " considers; an United Russia ". - When I worked in " an United Russia " I have earned image alarmista and the alarmist CUZ constantly SPK that we lose support in a society. I SPK ABT " new angry " - city dwellers with whom the old scheme of an exchange of social tips on voices does not arrange. Figuratively being expressed, these people will not sell the voice for three roubles. They demand participation in the politician - real, instead of imitating ".

Party 4 angry townspeople

What to do how to give the chance to a society to join in political process? Multi-party system? Yes, but in that kind in what it exists in today`s Russia, our multi-party system leaves a huge part of a society behind a board of political life. Here demonopolization is necessary - the same persons since 1993 (year of birth of the CPSU and LDPR in their present kind) have bothered all. EVN the main Kremlin ideologist Vladislav Surkov recognised in interview to the writer and blogeru to Sergey Minaev that in a political spectrum of Russia the big hole gapes - is not present " mass Liberal party " which would represent " angry city communities ".

Marmots considers that this part of a society needs to give, besides oppositional mass-media already representing it, also parliamentary representation. Well, and on those thanks.

the President of the CTR of political technologies Igor Bunin suggests to go further - to return existing in the nineties zajavitelnyj character of a party registration. - a something ephemeral as it was in the nineties, now it is not necessary to be afraid of occurrence of set of parties: 2DAY sponsors will give money only under the serious project representing real force in a society and having chance of pass to the State Duma. However, as Bunin marks, this decision should overcome resistance not only " United Russia " but also the opposition parties which have already got used to constant parliamentary representation. After all zajavitelnyj the principle will destroy their monopoly.

Under society control

changes and in other major sphere - in control over power actions, first of all - in the control providing honesty and a transparency of elections Are necessary.

" the bill of public control should provide the Transparency of actions of the power - now it supervise Advice on development of institutes of a civil society and human rights at the president of the Russian Federation led by Michael Fedotovym, and also Public chamber, - the member of Public chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Brod has informed. - Is available a little vantov this bill, but in all of them it is a question of expansion of influence of a society on the power - carrying out of public hearings, investigations, ABT a new duty of all officials to address to regional parliaments and local Legislative Assemblies ".

the idea of return 2 elections of governors - present system when governors send in resignation for low indicators in their regions " is actively discussed also; an United Russia " on elections, actually provokes regional leaders to falsifications.

However, elections - procedure rare, even not annual that is why hardly only they will satisfy growing RQ of a society about participation in the politician. One more exit 4 public activity is an activity in the noncommercial organisations, professional and other unions, other establishments of a civil society.

Tolstoy`s vacancy

" Is empty; Unfortunately, 2DAY only 7 percent of our citizens are to some extent involved in WRK in the noncommercial and not state organisations (NKO and NGO) " - the member of Public chamber Alexander Brod marks. - in the developed countries of Western Europe this share reaches one thirds of society ".

NGO Alexander Brod C the Reason of such sad position of ours in financing sources - the overwhelming part of money comes or from the Russian budget, or from the businessmen connected with the state, or from the western funds. And ANY1 of these donors dictates NGO the agenda.

It is necessary, that ordinary citizens participated in WRK NGO and in their financing, - considers Ford. - After all AAM potential Russian NGO in protection of the rights of people - we will tell, in consumer disputes or in maintenance of normal life of invalids - it is very great. People do not realise more often this potential ".

Great Russian historian Vasily Osipovich Kljuchevsky recommended not only to take in due time ready western forms of participation in public life (and elections and NGO concern them), but also to develop own Russian traditions in this sphere. The old is revived more EZ, than another`s new takes root. Alexey Chadaev carries to traditional Russian institutes of public control, for example, a phenomenon " dear people " - writers, doctors, professors, in traditional communities - rural elders.

" In Russia always there was a certain throne 4 the person who was considered as conscience of the nation, - Chadaev marks. - In due time it was occupied with Tolstoy who influenced life in Russia in some questions not less the tsar. Then on this place were both Dmitry Lihachev, and Andrey Saharov, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Now this throne is empty - so, one of public control institutes over the power does not work. This absence is very appreciable. Mass support of doctor Leonid Roshalja in its conflict to Minzdravsotsrazvitija has reflected vague melancholy of a society on this institute ".

Well, here it is possible to remember and other Russian institutes - a territorial self-government, church communities, Cossack " an army circle ". All can be put to use - in hands of reasonable people and at the valid and confidential relation of the state. The main thing - to operate and believe.