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Active workers of delegation of Canada at negotiations in the republic of South Africa accreditations

have deprived Durban (republic of South Africa), 7 deck - News. Active workers of youth delegation of Canada at negotiations of the United Nations on a climate in Durban have deprived of accreditation and access on a session platform after during performance of the Canadian minister they have called a hall " to turn a back " 2 the country, gathering to develop oil recovery from oil sand, the press - services of youth delegation is SPK in a MSG.

During performance of the minister of environment of Canada Peter Kenta six active workers in a hall were constructed in a line and have turned a back 2 presidium and acting, thus of words on their T-shirts there was an inscription " turn away from Canada " (" turn your ba˝k on ˝anada) ".

" Blocking the international negotiations, our government threatens the future of the country and our generation - we will easy not sit and look at it. While Canada behind a negotiating table puts interests of business above human rights, we never will C the new agreement which the world needs. Time further W/ O Canada " has come to move; - one of participants of the protest James Hatt has told, whose words are resulted in a MSG.

Canada, along with Russia, Australia and Japan opposes the second period of the Kiotsky report which first period expires in the end of 2012.

the Kiotsky report 2 the Frame convention of the United Nations on climate change (UNF˝˝˝) contains quantitative obligations of the developed countries on reduction of emissions of hotbed gases. However Canada has not carried out of the obligation on the report: according to the experts, since 1990 instead of decrease on 6 % the volume of emissions ˝O2 in the country has grown on 17 - 30 %.

earlier Canadian mass-media have informed that the government of Canada plans in second half of December, some days before roman catholic Christmas, officially to declare an exit of the country from the Kiotsky report.

Besides a position of Canada at climatic negotiations, ecologists criticise the Canadian authorities for intention actively to develop deposits vysokovjazkoj oil, so-called Canadian " bitumen sand ".

Taken stocks of oil in sand only Albert`s Canadian province are estimated in 180 billion barrels that puts Canada on the second place in the world on stocks of oil after Saudi Arabia (260 billion barrels).

However ecologists demand to enter the moratorium on new projects on working out of petroliferous sand as within the next 50 years development of workings out can lead to death of 166 million birds which appear under the threat, in particular, from - for disappearances of their habitats, reductions of marshy territories, accumulation by soil of harmful substances.