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Exhibition O dol˝e Napoli in Tretyakov gallery will collect the best Italian kinds

Moscow, 8 deck - News. Exhibition O dol˝e Napoli on which pictures of Russian and Italian artists W kinds of Naples are presented, opens in the Tretyakov gallery on Friday, have informed News in a press - museum service.

Occurrence of a similar exposition in a Year of Italy in Russia is not casual - communications between Russia and Naples then still the Neapolitan kingdom, have arisen in the end of a XVIII-th century: the empire there had a ambassador, the passionate fan of archeology and art Andrey Italinsky. Besides other, he has been obliged to look after the Russian artists going after the termination of Academy of Arts to Italy to perfect the skill. In spite of the fact that the majority of them settled in Rome, those who reached B4 Naples, should felt sorry ABT it, and even at all as Silvestr Schedrin, remained there 4EVER.

It " Kind of Naples (Riviera di Kajja) " 1826, specially restored 4 an exhibition, for the first time for long time it became accessible to public. Here it is possible to C and one of its first pictures written after arrival to Naples, - the plot both is identical, and, considering cloths, it is possible to C, how the manner of the master for ten years has changed.

the Special place at an exhibition is taken away to portraits of Russian travellers against Vesuvius which were done by BRO of Brjullovy, Vasily Tropinin and Pimen of Eagles. From the Roman Institute Katelja on the Moscow exhibition have given out " the Portrait of painter F.Katelja W the spouse " which Charles Bryullov has written in 1830.

the Italian artists are presented to expositions by masters so-called " schools Pozillippo " 2 which WRK of Dzhachinto Dzhigante " concern; the Kind of Naples " and " the Kind at coast Pozillippo ".

organizers of an exhibition have decided not to be limited to One perfect kinds, besides the NE city is inconceivable W/ O its inhabitants, therefore in an exposition among other it is possible to C koloritnejshih fishermen, Neapolitans W tambourines and boys - herdboys.

2 in gallery it is possible to look on executed by the Italian amateur artists of gouache who as a matter of fact are predecessors of specific cards W the image of the most popular and beautiful places of Naples - city panoramas from a hill of Pozillippo, from a royal palace of Kapodimonte, kinds at Vesuvius, islands and coasts of bay of Naples.

In total exhibition O dol˝e Napoli unites about 100 products of painting and a drawing from the Russian and Italian museums - the Tretyakov gallery, the Historical museum, GMII of Pushkin, Muzeja Tropinina, Roman National gallery of the modern art and Institute Katelja, and also private collections.