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the Rostov police urges inhabitants not to give in on provocation

Rostov - ON - Don, 8 deck - News, Dmitry Bujanin. the Police of the Rostov region was converted 2 inhabitants of region not to give in on provocation on meetings and not to arrange FU, the head of department of protection of a public order of a regional central board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vitaly Sarana has informed journalists on Thursday.

In many cities of Russia, since December, 4th, pass protest actions dissatisfied with elections. On unapproved actions of opposition on Monday and Tuesday in capital were, according to official figures, are detained an order of 600 persons. From December, 4 till December, 7th in the CTR of Petersburg nearby 550 persons in total have been detained. In Rostov-on-Don about hundred persons on Tuesday have organised unapproved procession. Almost half from them has been detained and delivered in police departments.

According to Sarany, law enforcement bodies are afraid that unapproved meetings and processions can proceed. " the police of Rostov and area supports meaningful dialogue and cooperation... Probably, 10 numbers will take place meeting. Let people do not give in to a handful of provokers which will try to provoke mass riots " - Sarana has told.

the Police does not object to meetings, but demands, that they have been organised according to the law. " submit according to the law the demand. Will obtain the permit ABT a place and carrying out time. And - PLS, spend. The police will provide with the minimum forces public order protection " - has noted Sarana.

He has added that if unapproved meetings or processions in area still will take place, at the decision to detain participants or not pravoohraniteli " will start with the federal law ".

" In ANY1 weight there are people who urge to leave on the area, they are initially programmed on counteraction and provotsirovanie polices on adequate measures. Objectivity, first of all. Let`s be vzaimovezhlivy and we (will not give in on provocation " - has called Sarana.