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In Petersburg the presentation of the map devoted to restoration WRK in historical city centre

In Northern capital on Tuesday has taken place the map presentation " has taken place; Restoration WRK in the historical CTR of St.-Petersburg. 1999 - 2003 ".

As the correspondent " passes; News " the map is developed by Committee on the state control, use and protection of monuments of history and culture of administration of St.-Petersburg/ KGIOP/. The decision on creation of this document was accepted in June, 2002 at exit session of board of Ministry of culture which was spent in a city on Neva by Michael Shvydkoj.

Chairman KGIOPa Nikita Javejn has informed that the map which while left in circulation of 200 copies, is intended both for experts, and 4 simple townspeople. A main objective which was pursued by its founders, - to show scope of restoration WRK. According to Javejna, such scale restoration in a historical part of Petersburg is conducted for the first time.

181 monument is put On a map of a historical part of a city from among what have been restored during the period since 1999 and those, WRK on which will come to the end in the near future/ in 2003/. Besides, on ANY1 object the financing source is specified. However, according to Javejna, the map is not finished and can be expanded. In the future the similar map can be created and 4 the restored objects of suburbs of Petersburg.

It is supposed 2 that in 2003 there is a number of the monographies devoted to restoration of unique city monuments, in particular such as the Glory Chariot on the General staff building, has noted Javejn.