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W ABT Y T And I 23 ABT 2 T I R I


* Under the chairmanship of Vladimir Putin Would will pass session of the State Council of Russia on which questions of the organisation of local government will be discussed.

* in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation consultations of head of mission of the United Nations on supervision, control and Hans Bliksa`s inspections on a situation round Iraq will take place.

* in " the President - hotel " the MTG of Ministers of Energy of the CIS countries (10 will take place. 00, a press - conference in 13. 30. Ph. a press - services of Ministry for the Power Generating Industry of the Russian Federation 220 - 50 - 13, 220 - 55 - 07, 929 - 17 - 62).

* the Minister of the Russian Federation, the vice-president of the governmental commission on restoration of social sphere and economy of the Chechen republic Vladimir Yelagin will spend a press - conference " Preliminary results of population census of the Chechen Republic. Payment of pensions. Restoration of social sphere of republic " (12. 00, AIF - News, street Mjasnitsky, 42, accreditation on ph. 925 - 21 - 48).

* In the Federation Council (B.Dmitrovka`s street, 26, bodies. A press - services 292 - 18 - 77, 292 - 75 - 25, 292 - 12 - 70) will take place:

- parliamentary hearings " ABT management of means of the pension accumulation formed by the Pension fund of the Russian Federation ". The Federal law " will be discussed; ABT features of a legal status of the state management company which is carrying out trust management by means of pension accumulation ". Hearings are spent by Committee of the Federation Council on the financial markets and monetary circulation. Participate - the chairman of the board of a pension fund of the Russian Federation Zurab`s Michael, the Minister of labour and social development of the Russian Federation Alexander Pochinok, the first deputy minister of economy of the Russian Federation Michael Dmitrys, the deputy minister of the finance of the Russian Federation Bella Zlatkis, councillors of Federation, deputies of the State Duma (10. 00, the Small hall);

- A MTG of the chairman of Committee of the Federation Council on defence and Victor Ozerov`s security with the speaker of Meeting of a governorship of Hokkaido/ Japan/ Esihide of Sakai. At a MTG questions of achievement of mutual understanding on a problem " will be discussed; northern territories " (11. 00, room 802 - the Red hall).

* plenary session of the State Duma will take place.

on " the governmental hour " W the information on measures on prevention of extremist activity in the Russian Federation the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation Yury Chajka, the Public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Vladimir Ustinov will act.

In the second reading - amendments to the Family code, laws " ABT mass media " and in article 15 of the Federal law " ABT fight against terrorism " " ABT the general principles of the organisation legislative (representative) and executive powers of the government of subjects of the Russian Federation " " ABT social protection of citizens, podvergshihsja to influence of radiation owing to accident on the Chernobyl atomic power station " " ABT modification of some acts of the Russian Federation connected with realisation of obligatory social insurance from accidents on manufacture and occupational diseases ".

In the first reading - bills " ABT insurance tariffs for obligatory social insurance from accidents on manufacture and occupational diseases for 2003 " ABT execution of budgets of some social funds for 2001, the amendment to Criminal, Civil codes, laws " ABT bases of obligatory social insurance " " ABT the state provision of pensions in the Russian Federation " and law article 7 " ABT provision of pensions of the persons passing military service, service in law-enforcement bodies, establishments and bodies criminally - executive system, and their families " " ABT labour pensions in the Russian Federation " " ABT veterans " " ABT the status of Heroes of Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation and full gentlemen of order of Glory " " ABT natural monopolies ".

It is supposed to consider bills of ratification of some contracts of Russia W other countries.

projects of decisions of the State Duma, including parliamentary RQs 2 the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation M.Kasyanov " will be considered; ABT necessity of the state support of nuclear icebreaking fleet " " ABT inadmissibility of duplication by Gosstroy of the Russian Federation of functions of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation in sphere of protection and restoration of monuments of history and culture " " ABT inclusion possibility in the project of the federal budget for 2003 of the subroutine " Children of Chernobyl ".

projects of decisions " Will be considered; In connection with a situation round Republic Iraq " " ABT a new aggravation of a situation in a zone palestino - the Israeli conflict ".

* In a press - the CTR " Census - 2002 " the press - the conference devoted to end of the All-Russia population census of 2002 will take place. Participate: the chairman of Goskomstat of the Russian Federation Vladimir Sokolin, stats - the secretary - the vice-president of Goskomstat of the Russian Federation Sergey Kolesnikov, the head of department of census and the demographic statistics Irina Zbarsky, the minister of the Russian Federation of affairs of nationalities Vladimir Zorin, the deputy minister of internal affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Tchekalin (12. 00, street Mjasnitsky, 39, Goskomstat, a board hall, accreditation on ph. 207 - 24 - 32).

* In media - the newspaper CTR " News " (street Tver, the house 18, the case 1, 3 - j a floor. Accreditation on ph. 209 - 22 - 77, 209 - 79 - 01, 209 - 75 - 41 and 209 - 71 - 45) will take place:

- a press - conference of the deputy the main military public prosecutor, the general - the major of justice Alexander Arutyunyan " Situation W drug trafficking in the Russian armed forces " (12. 00);

- a press - conference " In Russia starts obshchefederalnyj Competition among students on the best knowledge of Russian and cultural - historical traditions of Fatherland " What do you know about Russian? ". Participate - the minister of culture of the Russian Federation Michael Shvydkoj, the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Vladimir Filippov and the general director of Open Society " newspaper Edition " News " Michael Kovalev (13. 00);

- representation of Russian program X of the International festival of a photo " photo MTH " in Bratislava/ Slovakia/, the prepared Management of photographic projects and collections State muzejno - exhibition CTR ROSIZO Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation (16. 30).

* In newspaper edition " i " the press - the conference devoted to the project of the federal law " will take place; ABT parliamentary investigations ". Participate - the president of fund " Indem " a member of presidium of National anticorruption committee/ NAK/ George Satarov, the vice-president of fund " Indem " a member of presidium NAK Michael Krasnov, the deputy of the State Duma Nikolay Gonchar, a member of presidium NAK Cyril Kabanov (15. 00, the Kostjansky lane, 13/ the underground " Tourist`s Genevsky " " Pure ponds "/, accreditation on ph. 208 - 60 - 78).

* the Russian society of solidarity and cooperation of the people of Asia and Africa, Institute of oriental studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the International Association of funds of the world will spend a round table " Russian - the Arabian relations at the present stage ". Scientists, politicians, journalists (15 are invited. 00, street Prechistenka, 10, the Marble hall; ph. 202 - 41 - 90, 291 - 03 - 92).

* the first Multi-region conference " Will take place; the Role of regional insurance associations in development of the insurance market of Russia " Organised TPP the Russian Federation together with the Moscow association of insurers. The Russian Federations will take part in conference Evgenie Primakov, the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, and also heads of the insurance unions and associations of the Russian Federation president TPP. Are invited - the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin, the Minister of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation Herman Gref, other prominent representatives of the power and business (9. 00, street Ilyinka, d. 6. Accreditation on ph. 929 - 02 - 46, 929 - 02 - 34, 929 - 02 - 59).

* the Governor of the Novosibirsk region Victor Tolokonsky will spend a press - conference " Factors of stable development of the Novosibirsk region " (16. 00, representation of Novosibirsk region, street Mjasnitsky, 35, of. 522; bodies. Of agency of RBC 363 - 11 - 11, 363 - 11 - 22).

* the press - the conference devoted to the charitable program of the help to families and relatives of members of a film crew of Sergey Bodrov Will take place. Participate - the first deputy minister of culture Alexander Golutva, director Andrey Konchalovsky, the director of Federal fund of social and economic support of domestic cinematography Feodor Popov, etc. (13. 00, AIF - News, street Mjasnitsky, 42, accreditation on ph. 925 - 21 - 48).

* In Service of cinematography of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation the next session a press - club of film journalists will take place. In the program - a press - conferences of the first deputy minister of culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Golutvy; a gene. The producer of a movie company " NTV - cinema " Vladilena Arsenyev, devoted 5 - letiju the companies; a press - film display " Lunar glades " and a press - film crew conference/ rezh. Igor Minaev/ (15. 00, M. the Gnezdnikovsky lane, 7, accreditation on ph. 229 - 47 - 54).

* In a building of the Big hall of conservatory it will be spent a press - the conference devoted to opening of a season of the State academic symphonic orchestra of Russia and a concert of memory of Evgenie Svetlanova which will take place on October, 24th. Participate - the new art director of an orchestra Mark Gorenshtejn and pianist Nikolay Petrov (12. 00, BZK, a floor 2, foyer 2 - go an amphitheatre, a museum of Rubinshtejna; ph. 229 - 74 - 69, 229 - 74 - 10).

* In the congress - CTR TSMT representation of the new newspaper " will take place; the Tatar world " - " the Tartar - denjasy " the founded Moscow public organisation of Tatars " Vatanym "/ the president - Renat Akchurin/. Academician Evgenie Primakov, the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, the rector of the Moscow State University Victor Sadovnichy and other known politicians, scientists and cultures are invited To presentation (18. 30, Krasnopresnensky emb., 12, an entrance 4. Ph. 284 - 89 - 84).

* In the Russian news agency " News " the press - conference " will take place; Autowave self-organising in hierarchy of active environments. It is information - power interactions in a human body in norm and in a pathology "/ in connection with opening of a new direction in the field of biophysics and medicine/. Participate - the author of the scientific project Victor Kotolupov, the pro-rector of the Moscow State University professor Vladimir Belokurov, the manager. Stand of biophysics of physical faculty of the Moscow State University professor Vsevolod Tverdislov, the item research assistant Leonid Jakovenko (13. 00, Zubovsky bul., 4, a floor 6, a board hall, accreditation on ph. 201 - 45 - 67, 201 - 50 - 19, 201 - 50 - 26; a fax 201 - 26 - 29).

* the annual MTG of the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov and members of the government of Moscow W figures of arts of the capital, devoted to the beginning of a new theatrical season Will take place. Heads of the Moscow theatres and the museums, leading actors are invited to a MTG (15. 30, Branch GABT premise, the Theatre square, 1. TEL 4 inquiries 229 - 52 - 04).

* the Chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Vladimir Pronin will spend a press - conference " the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow: results and prospects " (10. 00, street Petrovka, 38, accreditation on ph. 200 - 88 - 72, 200 - 92 - 01).

* Within the limits of commemorating 198 - j anniversaries of the Moscow waterpipe in MGP " Mosvodokanal " the international conference " will open; Modern technologies on processing and recycling of water and sewer deposits " (10. 00, Pleteshkovsky avenue, 2, inquiries and accreditation on ph. 263 - 92 - 41, a fax 267 - 55 - 80).

* the Complex of architecture, building, development and city reconstruction together with association " Ingeokom " and the company " Satori " will spend the Open day 4 journalists in territory of dismantling of hostel " Intourist " In the Tver street (Gathering in 10. 15 at a building site from theatre of Ermolovoj. In 11. 00 - a press - conference in an architecture Complex, the Nikitsky lane, 5. Ph. 956 - 81 - 80, 956 - 80 - 58).

* the Chairman of the city invocatory commission, the first deputy the mayor in the government of Moscow Lyudmila Shvetsova, etc. officials within the limits of acquaintance to service conditions in Moscow suburbs military units in which Muscovites are called on involuntary service, will visit the Tamansky Guards motor-shooting division. In a division the Open day W participation of parents of soldiers (gathering in 9 will be spent. 00 near the mayoralty on New Arbate, 36. Returning in 15. 00 - 16. 00. Accreditation on tel/fax 290 - 75 - 46).

S - Petersburg

* Will open 8 - I annual International conference " Telecommunications in Russia " as which organizer Adam Smith`s Institute/ LDN/ acts. At conference questions of legislative maintenance of branch, prospect of a tariff policy, development of a network the Internet and mobile communication in Russia will be considered.

the LEAD/ Belarus/

* Will take place session of board of Boundary committee of Union State/ SG/. The director of the Federal frontier service of the Russian Federation Konstantin Totsky and the deputy the chairman of committee will take part In its WRK - the chairman of the State Committee of frontier troops RB Alexander Pavlovsky the chairman of Boundary committee SG. At session, in particular, it is planned to consider the instruction project on protection of outline borders SG and the order by separate kinds of maintenance sluzhebno - fighting activity of armies and bodies of a frontier service of Russia and operatively - office activity of frontier troops of Belarus.


* Will open the international conference " Belarus - Russia: new integration " Organised by the Belarus analytical CTR " Strategy ". Participation vitse - the speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of Irina Khakamada, the leader of fraction " is expected; the Union of the right forces " Boris Nemtsov, the president of fund " the Policy " Vyacheslav Nikonova and others Russian politicians and experts. The conference purpose - to define a present status and prospects of integration of Russia and Belarus.


* Will begin the next session of the constant commission of Inter-parliamentary Assembly/ MPA/ the states-participants CIS on defence and security/ 23 - on October, 26th/. At session interstate programs of joint efforts on struggle against criminality and illegal circulation of narcotics on 2003 - will be considered 2004.

Dusseldorf/ Germany/

* Vitse - the prime minister of the government of the Russian Federation of Valentine Matvienko within the limits of a working trip to Germany to Dusseldorf will take part in the specialised exhibition devoted to rehabilitation and auxiliary means 4 invalids.

LOS - KABOS/ Mexico/

* Will open 14 - I an annual MTG of Ministers for Foreign Affairs and ministers of trade of member countries of a forum " Asian - Pacific economic cooperation "/ ATES/. From the Russian side Minister for Foreign Affairs Igor Ivans will take part in it. The ministerial MTG is spent on the threshold of the summit of heads of the states and governments ATES which will take place in Los - Kabose 26 - on October, 27th


* In the Tallinn city court will be continued process over the veteran of MGB ESSR, 80 - the summer citizen of Russia Yury Karpovym who is accused of a crime against humanity.

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