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Hans Bliks considers not surprising that 4 returning of inspectors in the United Nations it is necessary to accept the new resolution as the previous has been accepted three years ago

the Executive chairman of the commission of the United Nations on supervision, to control and inspections in Iraq Hans Bliks considers not surprising that 4 returning of the international inspectors to Iraq and their WRK acceptance of the new resolution there is necessary.

as he has declared on Tuesday on the termination of negotiations W head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Ivanov, answering a question " News " " the resolution 1284 in which the mandate of inspectors was defined, has been accepted three years ago ". However, he has underlined, Iraq has accepted the offer on arrival of inspectors only in September of this year. " no wonder that the Security council can accept the new resolution, as though opening the new chapter in this question " - he has told.

At the same time, the Executive chairman has underlined, first of all it is necessary to look at the maintenance of this new resolution. It has expressed hope that the Security council will unanimously solve, a leah is necessary this new resolution.

answering a question of journalists, Bliks has specified that at negotiations W representatives of Iraq in Vienna in the beginning of October they were defined how in Bagdad and in the United Nations C activity of the international inspectors. " our discussion in Vienna concerned clearings up of some positions concerning WRK of inspectors in Iraq " - he has underlined.

according to Bliksa, in Vienna they " many questions, however not all " have cleared up;. So, as he said, " presidential palaces remained not mentioned ".