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Venice is deluged by a rain and the spread lagoon

a Torrential rain which was not stopping within several hours, and risen as a result of inflow W Adtiki water in a lagoon have deluged on Tuesday Venice.

> as the correspondent " passes; News " under water there were 30 percents of historical city centre, including San Marko well-known area. The Water level has reached the maximum point in 113 see

the deluged streets special scaffolds on which pedestrians move are laid. The squally wind complicates a traffic on channels.

the situation has created great difficulties 4 public utilities. In a consequence of delugings there was actually paralysed a sewer system of a city.

for eight hours per vicinities of Venice has dropped out 50 - 60 mm of a rain. According to the forecast, the stream of damp air will influence weather conditions on severo - the east of Italy and 2MORO. However weather forecasters foretell level decrease " High water " B4 100 the Record " see; akva an alto " in Venice it was observed this year in June when it has reached 121 see

Plentiful rains are observed in all territory severo - the east of Italy. In the cities of Trieste and Trevizo of all in some hours has this morning dropped out 70 - 80 mm of deposits that corresponds to monthly norm. Difficult meteoconditions have affected WRK railway and motor transport of all area of Veneto where numerous stoppers are registered.