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Zamrukovoditelja of the Kremlin administration Sergey Prihodko has commented on results of negotiations of presidents of Russia and Belarus

the Next session of the Higher state advice of Russia and Belarus will take place on December, 26th in Moscow. Such arrangement has been reached on Wednesday at negotiations in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, Sergey Prihodko has informed journalists zamrukovoditelja to the Kremlin administration.

As he said, on the eve of the Higher State Council session of ministerial council of Union State of Russia and Belarus will take place.

2 these actions, according to Prihodko, it will be prepared " variety of decisions in economic, scientifically - technical, legislative and cultural areas ". " Till the end of December, - he has noted, - there is a possibility to finish WRK and over current documents which prepare for a long time for signing ".

Characterizing taken place on Wednesday in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko`s negotiations, Prihodko named not casual that fact that conversations of heads of two states " left far for frameworks of legal time " having made in the sum more than 4 hours. At first leaders talked together, then to participation of delegations, and also during a working breakfast.

according to the Russian president, negotiations carried " exclusively frank, benevolent and open character " has noted Prihodko. As he said, " there were no half-words, attempts it is excessive to embellish or sing the critical note ". The MTG has passed " in quiet business and a confident key " a deputy head of Presidential Administration of Russia has underlined.

as he said, Alexander Lukashenko after negotiations W Vladimir Putin has declared that " Tests confidence and feeling of real optimism concerning advancement by the way of strengthening Russian - the Belarus union ". Now the basic efforts should be directed on practical working out of steps, " which will be embodied in decisions of the Higher state advice ".

From Alexander Lukashenko`s statements, has noted Prihodko, follows that the Belarus management, 2 as well as Russian, is adjusted " for very serious WRK ".

At the same time, the Kremlin representative, " has informed; presidents bypassed critical moments, different interpretations in realisation of some decisions, raznotyki in trading - economic sphere ". However, as he said, it " does not confuse " and, on the contrary, " pushes 2 more pragmatical WRK ".

Zamglavy of the Kremlin administration has reminded that the Union of the states of Russia and Belarus - " The mechanism young, increasing muscles " but, the got irreversible character. It, according to Prihodko, will influence a situation in the CIS and Europe.