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the Peking metallurgical giant " has retired "

Beijing, 13 janv - News, Maria Tchaplygin. One of the steelmaking enterprises largest in China, operating in Beijing more than 90 years, on Thursday have officially stopped the WRK 4 protection of ecological security of capital of China, the correspondent of News broadcasts.

Ceremony of a definitive stop of manufacture of the steelmaking giant " shougan " located in the west of the Chinese capital, has taken place on Thursday in the presence of operating enterprise Chzhu Tsziminem (Zhu Jimin). The head of the giant has assured that " factory " shougan " in area Shitszinshan Pekina has executed given to the country and its people the promise and has retired ". Under its remark, closing the enterprise has been carried out W observance of norms of security and W/ O superfluous financial wastes.

Factory " SHoguan " Has been based in 17 kilometres from a main square of the Chinese capital Tjananmen in 1919. The enterprise on which worked B4 200 thousand workers, made B4 10 million tons of a steel a year.

by the Reason of closing of the enterprise, which capacity are already translated in the province next to capital Hebei, there was a necessity of maintenance of ecological security of Beijing.

" In process of city growth " shougan " from the western suburb has actually moved to city line and the problem of pollution began to draw the increasing ATTN of the public " - has told at a closing ceremony " old Shougana " its head.

2DAY new " shougan " it is located in 120 kilometres from Beijing on man-made island in a zone " TSaofejdjan " (˝aofeidian) in the Bohai gulf (a province Hebei). Start to creation of new factory, the decision on which transferring was accepted in 2005, has been given in March, 2007. Earlier it was informed that the total amount of investments into building of factory which will surpass the predecessor in all indicators, will make 67,731 billion yuans (about 10 billion dollars).

New " shougan " as it is planned, will annually let out B4 8,98 million tons of pig-iron, 9,7 million tons of a steel and 9,13 million tons of steelmaking production.

Thus an industrial zone " TSaofejdjan " becomes not only the largest seaport in the north of China, but also a place of placing of petrochemical, cement manufactures and machine-building factories.

that becomes W territory old " shougana " while it is authentically not known. It is expected that in huge territory of factory there can be a metallurgical museum or the projects, concerning spheres of service can be realised. It is not excluded that a part of territories of factory will give under realisation of cultural projects: on spacious factory premises and industlnye landscapes " shougana " the Chinese figures of the modern art for a long time are lost in contemplation.