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In Barnaul 2 epiphany will construct a snow chapel and a cross of ice

Barnaul, 13 janv - News, Olesya Krechetova. Building kreshchenskogo small town has begun in Barnaul - a snow chapel, a cross from ice and a font will appear at river station, the representative a press - the CTR of the mayoralty of Barnaul has informed News on Thursday.

" the platform is cleared already away, snow is pressed in the form of which the chapel will be made. It is planned that its building will come to the end on January, 17th. On river bank there will be 2 a cross from the ice, a new bath. Besides at a font will locker rooms 4 men and women " are arranged; - the interlocutor of agency has noted.

As he said, the municipal government on affairs of civil defence and emergency situations has CFMed that a thickness of ice on the river Ob which has reached almost 50 centimetres, and absence of hummocks allow to sustain a congestion of several tens people at a font.

the Kreshchensky font will operate 2 on lake Pioneer around settlement of Kirov, watch " is organised; first aid " rescuers and militia.

Field services 2 warn inhabitants ABT danger of the use of crude river and lake drinking water.