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Explosion at factory on pyrotechnics manufacture in the Peoples Republic of China has carried away lives of 9 persons

Beijing, 13 janv - News, Maria Tchaplygin. At least, nine persons were lost at explosion on Wednesday evening at the enterprise for manufacture of fireworks in a province of Shaanxi in severo - the western China, Sinhua reports.

the Small enterprise around district Fensjan village Shendu, under the preliminary information of police, conducted the manufacture illegally. Now law enforcement bodies search for the owner of the enterprise.

On an explosion place bodies of five lost workers have been found out, four more suffered from the RCVed traumas have died in hospital.

Besides it, wounds the two casual passers-by, which lives now have RCVed threatens nothing.

Tragedies at pyrotechnic factories even more often come into the view of the public in process of approach of new year on the lunar calendar, which China will note on February, 3rd. On the threshold of a feast which indispensable attribute are petards and fireworks, factories and workshops on their manufacture work in an emergency mode, frequently scorning necessary security measures.

Under the informal data, for today in China exist about 30 thousand legal pyrotechnic factories, approximately same number of the enterprises makes pyrotechnics illegally. ANY1 salute and a petard are created till now exclusively by forces of manual skills.