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In the Ural mine was lost working

Ekaterinburg, 13 janv - News. the Worker was lost on Wednesday in mine in Sverdlovsk area from - for infringements of safety precautions during chisel WRK, informs on Thursday GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on region.

" on Twelfth of January in service 01 Ministries of Emergency Measures of Russia the MSG that on mine " has arrived; It is new - Kalinsky " the North Ural city district has occurred otsloenie weights tselika rock. As a result otsloenija the man 1987 year of birth " was lost; - it is SPK in a MSG.

the Regional Office of Public Prosecutor specifies that accident has occurred on depth of 860 metres. " Otsloeniju and to falling of pieces of rock drilling shpurov on a face " preceded; - it is told in a department MSG.

" The Office of Public Prosecutor of the city of Severouralska supervises carrying out of check upon  destruction 23 - the summer miner of the clearing face which has got traumas incompatible with life at falling of pieces of rock " - it is marked in a MSG.

" On a scene the operative group of central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on Sverdlovsk area left... The commission " works; - informs department.

the Mine, according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, continues to work in a usual mode.

the Official representative North Ural boksitovogo mine (Open Society " subr " enters in OK " Rusal ") The novel Lukichev has informed News that the incident reason names specially created commission which has already started to work.

As he said, WRK in that block where there was a state of emergency, are stopped.

" the Company brings condolences to the family of the victim " - Lukichev has told.

It already the second similar incident in Sverdlovsk area for last two weeks. So, on December, 29th last year on mine " the Little Red Riding Hood " as a result of mountain blow (local earthquake) there was a collapse of breed and the miner 1988 year of birth was lost.