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the Sharp cold snap is expected in Primorski Krai ATW

Vladivostok, 14 janv - News. the Cyclone displaced from sea of Japan, on the night of Saturday leaves to southern Kuriles and will bring in Primorski Krai a sharp cold snap and a strong wind, has informed News on Friday a press - secretary Primgidrometa of Barbarian Koridze.

the Cyclone which has come from sea of Japan, has covered Primorski Krai on December, 31st. It has brought in edge snow, a blizzard and a strong wind B4 18 metres per second. In the first days of new year in Primorski Krai frosty weather was established.

" Sunday afternoon on water area of sea of Japan the superficial cyclone will be displaced, however it will not call special changes in weather. On jugo - the edge West the light snow is possible. In Primorski Krai frosty weather will be saved, at moderate a north " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

As she said, on the night of Saturday the cyclone leaves to southern Kuriles, and after it - from the north on the south of the Far East the portion of cold air will rush. In this connection frosts ATW will sharply amplify days.

" In coastal areas windy weather will be established. In continental areas of edge at night air temperature will fall B4 a minus of 32 degrees on Celsius, in mountain areas - B4 a minus of 42 degrees on Celsius. In the afternoon air temperature will make a minus of 15 degrees on Celsius in the south of edge and B4 a minus 25 garusov on Celsius in the north of edge.

She has noticed that in Vladivostok ATW days of deposits it is not expected. The temperature of air will make a minus of 25 degrees on Celsius at night, will fall B4 a minus 20 in the afternoon.