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Eks - the dictator of Haiti Djuvale has returned home later 25 years

Moscow, 17 janv - News. the Former dictator of Haiti Jean - Claude Djuvale has unexpectedly returned home after 25 years of exile, informs on Sunday France Presse agency.

It is the first visit to the country of the former president known to Haiti under a nickname " Bebi Dock " which after overthrow of its dictatorial mode in 1986 lived in France.

" I have arrived to help the Haitian people " - has declared Djuvale, having descended from a plane board at the airport Port - ABT - Prensa where he was met by some tens supporters.

By words spouses Djuvale who has arrived together with it to reflect on homecoming of the former dictator has forced destructive earthquake on January, 12th, 2010. Other details eks - the president to Haiti are not informed on the visit purposes.

In 1971 Jean - Claude Djuvale at the age of 18 years has been intoned " the lifelong president of Haiti ". Before on the Caribbean island his father - " corrected; the PA Dock " Francois Djuvale. During 29 - summer dictatorship of a clan of Djuvale in the country thousand local residents have been killed. Accused of numerous infringements of human rights and plunder from the state treasury of 120 million dollars, Djuvale in 1986 ran to France.

Haiti last year is endured by one of the most complicated periods of the history. This poorest country of the Western hemisphere has not recovered yet from consequences of one of the most destructive earthquakes in which result were lost about 230 thousand persons, about 3 million have suffered, more than one million was dishomed or became refugees. The huge loss - at a rough guess is caused to economy of Haiti, it has made about 9 billion dollars.

the Country is captured by political crisis after the first tour of presidential election in November when on the country the wave of protest actions dissatisfied with preliminary results of voting of Haitians has swept. The second tour of elections planned for January, 16th, has not taken place from - that adjusted totals of the first tour and have not been announced.

Besides, in the country epidemic of the cholera which carried away lives already more of 3,4 thousand of persons and has amazed in total more of 150 thousand of inhabitants of the country has not stopped yet.