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Mass baptism in Novokuznetsk will pass in park " Water "

Novokuznetsk, 18 janv - News, Stas Bendichenko. mass baptism in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in Novokuznetsk (the largest city of the Kemerovo region) for the first time with a view of security will pass in one place - in park " Water " has informed a press - city administration service.

In previous years baptism passed in several ice-holes in different disctricts of the city.

" Around park " Water " warmed tents 4 disguise (separately 4 men and women) will be established, and also free tea drinking is provided, watch of doctors and rescuers " is organised; - it is SPK in a MSG.

These security measures are accepted 4 a non-admission obmorozheny and overcoolings, and also tightenings under ice dipped, marks a press - service.

Under forecasts of weather forecasters, frosts in kreshchenskie feasts will keep in Novokuznetsk at level from a minus of 21 degrees B4 a minus of 31 degrees on Celsius.