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the Most authoritative circus festival of the world begins in Monte - Karlo

Paris/ Moscow, 20 janv - News. the Russian circus numbers will make almost half of program of the world`s largest 35 - go festival in Monte - Karlo who begins on Thursday in a princedom of Monaco.

the State on the bank of Mediterranean sea for 10 days will turn to world capital of circus art: on festival the public equal on number to the population of the princedom annually gathers.

the First this feast prince Rene has spent in 1974 the Third which was the passionate fan of circus art. Suveren has imparted LUV to circus and the children - the princess of Monaco Stefanija immutably presides in competition jury, fine knows all actors and personally chooses numbers 4 festival.

this year under a tent, located in a quarter Fonvej, will act 18 troupes from 10 countries of the world: Italy, the USA, Russia, Germany, France, Canada, Romania, Brazil, Kazakhstan and China.

last year Russia was represented by acrobats under control of Vyacheslav Chernievsky who managed a jury prize. This time W Russian circus it will be difficult to compete - the management has invited in Monte - Karlo eight numbers from Russia.

" At our festival numbers from Russia and China, as at them very much high level always prevailed. Anything surprising that at us so many the Russian actors. Thus there are no rules according to which we would take, say, four or six numbers from one country. All depends on quality of number and availability of troupe " - the vice-president of festival Urs Pils has declared News.

the Vice-president considers that the Russian numbers this year very strong and " they have every chance to RCV the first place - " the Gold clown ".

On an arena in Monte - Karlo will act the equilibrist W a pipe Andrey Romanovsky, acrobats on pershah from circus Nikulina, the juggler Paul Ruzhilo and the equilibrist the Novel Hapersky from the same circus, acrobats under the direction of Viphija Hubaeva from the Moscow circus on Vernadsky`s prospectus, clowns Anton and Victor Frank and children`s collective from Izhevsk.

" it was initially planned that from us in Monte - Karlo will go acrobats under control of the national actor of Russia Vitaly Vorobeva which should present number on a counter swing. But, unfortunately, the collective could not take part in a forum " - has told News a press - secretary Rosgostsirka Irina Zaharova.

Urs Pils, in turn, has explained, Y organizers have not invited the Russian circus W animals.

" this year we will have very Gud numbers W predatory animals, elephants, loshadmi, camels and EVN cows. But we choose such numbers where conditions of the maintenance of animals are at height. In Russia public very much LUVs circus animals, demand stable, and conditions are not always observed " - the vice-president of festival has told.

Action, according to organizers, pays back itself at the expense of sale of tickets and the rights to video translation. The cheapest places 4 adults this year stand 25 euros are tickets for show of winners of festival for back rows which are not redeemed yet. The most expensive - tickets on 180 euros on the best places on gala - a concert - are already sold on January, 15th.

to TV channels and the news agencies, wishing to broadcast video, 2 it is necessary to pay for all. Performances of actors, interview, the big circus parade, celebratory atmosphere is a property of organizers which raise in a minute of translation from 500 B4 1,5 thousand euro.

Winners of festival, predictably, become known on Sunday, on January, 23rd. They will be defined by the international jury into which representatives of Japan, Holland, Germany, Great Britain, China and Russia will enter.

the Russian actors won time and again festival prizes in Monaco: so, ensemble of acrobats " Russian entertainments " Vyacheslav Chernievsky has been awarded " the Gold clown " in 2000, and in 2009 - m the second prize of festival, " the Silver clown " has got to rope-walkers under the direction of Igor Tchizhov.