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the Man was lost during a fire on a vessel in port of Sakhalin

the Fire has flashed on a schooner " Kalan " standing in Korsakovsky sea port in the south of Sakhalin, one person was lost, the representative of the Sakhalin interdistrict investigatory department on transport has informed.

" the MSG on a fire on the panel 01 has entered environment in 20. 56 Sakhalin times (13. 56 Moscow time). In the course of fire extinguishing the body 37 - the summer man, presumably the crewman " was revealed; - the interlocutor of agency has told.

As he said, fire it is hurt cabins - the company on the area of 25 square metres.

He has not specified, who posesses a vessel.

Inspectors of interdistrict investigatory department on transport and experts of Gospozhnadzora inspect upon a fire and find out the kindling reasons.