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Ohotovedy of Primorski Krai have begun preparation for a season W " censuses " beasts

Vladivostok, 20 janv - News, Maria Okulov. Ohotovedy of Primorski Krai on Thursday have started the account of all wild hoofed animals and the fur beasts residing in territory of region, 4 an establishment of limits of extraction for 2011, the chief of department of the account and use of objects of fauna of management of the hunting supervision of edge Alexey Surovyj has informed News.

" the Account of animals on which quotas of the hunting extraction extend, will pass in Primorski Krai since January, 20th till the end of February. In this time ohotovedy and foresters of edge will collect the information on all hoofed animals residing in region, and also on fur beasts and pheasants " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

As he said, all tally keepers have passed a training short course in edges Ohotnadzore. Experts have told how to consider traces of animals on snow on platforms, on " to a routeing method " And also have passed questionnaires of the account 4 hunters.

" In territory of Primorski Krai exists about 550 routes of beasts - tracks on which animals from year to year move. To count all inhabitants of woods, experts level on them snow then within two days consider all left traces. Practically the same becomes at the account of beasts on platforms in the sizes in 2 - 3 thousand hectares where experts investigate traces animal ANY1 of 500 square metres " - the interlocutor has noted.

He has told that similar monitoring of quantity of hoofed animals and fur beasts is spent in Primorski Krai annually in second half of winter. For all time of supervision experts did not mark sharp changes in number of beasts. At the same time it is frequent enough in edge woods there are migrations of animals, from - for what their quantity in different areas periodically changes.

" Beasts pass from one area in another in dependence ABT where forage where more low the snow pall, is natural process there is more. As a whole population remains stable. According to all available information, in Primorski Krai resides about 21 thousand izjubrej, 30,5 thousand kosul, 19 thousand wild boars, 12,5 thousand spotty deer, 32 thousand sables and thousand other animals on which hunting " is now resolved; - has explained Severe.

He has underlined that this winter experts yet did not fix cases of mass  destruction of the hoofed animals similar to volume that occurred last year. First of all it is connected by that in Primorski Krai yet there were no powerful snow cyclones, from - for which basic forage travojadnyh - bushes would be buried under snow.

" After in March we will RCV all results of calculations of beasts from edge areas, during several MTH in Moscow and Vladivostok there will be their processing. In this connection preliminary results " Censuses " animals of this year will be known in May, and official - in June " - the interlocutor has added.