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Two exhibitions 2 310 - letiju engineering armies will open in Petersburg

S - Petersburg, 20 janv - News. Petersburg Military - the historical museum of artillery, engineering armies and communication armies 2 310 - letiju the Russian engineering armies has prepared two exhibitions where all attributes sapernoj will be presented and engineering service, the press - museum services is SPK in a MSG.

Peter the Great 10 (on January, 21st) 1711 has published the decree ABT establishment in Moscow schools of the Pushkarsky order in which prepared officers of artillery and military engineers. From this point on creation of engineering armies in Russia also originates. On the eve of this date - on January, 20th - in a museum exhibitions " will open; Sappers of Its Majesty " and " Strong holds of Severo - the West of Russia " Where keys from great Russian fortified cities, plans of defensive works, tables of uniforms and banners of the imperial engineering case, means 4 creation of underminings and mine clearing will be presented.

At an exhibition " Sappers of Its Majesty " it will be possible to C picturesque cloths, drawings and the lithographs devoted to exploits of military engineers in XVIII - the beginning of the XX-th centuries. Among interesting exhibits will be vosko - mastichnaja a sculpture of emperor Nikolay The First in shape lejb - guards of Sapernogo of the battalion, executed by court sculptor Gazenbergerom in 1850, headdresses and signs on distinctions of divisions of sappers.

Among the relics presented at an exhibition the lock W a key from one of towers of the Kiev strong hold, model of monuments " to Exploits lejb - guards of Sapernogo of a battalion " and to the outstanding engineer, the participant of defence of Sevastopol, general Totlebenu.

At an exhibition 2 it will be possible to C rare manuscripts and documents. For example, " Meeting of plans boundary the Russian empire to strong holds W their description and regular in these position of tools and garrisons " (1792), made 4 empress Catherine the Great, " the Book of the Highest visitations of the Nikolaev engineering academy and school " W autographs of representatives of a dynasty of Romanovs, including reigning sovereigns, documents ABT pozhalovanii a banner to the Nikolaev engineering school, including the nominal decree of emperor Nikolay The Second W its signature - the autograph.

At the second exhibition - " Strong holds of Severo - the West of Russia " which already W success was shown in Germany and Finland - are presented more than 100 drawings of young artists of Severo - the Western region. In WRK of children power and beauty of ancient cities and strong holds - Old Ladoga, Novgorod, Pskov, Porhova, Koporja, Ivangorod, Vyborg, Priozersk is reflected.

the History of engineering armies was saved up to now in a unique collection engineering - documentary and engineering - technical funds Military - a historical museum of artillery of engineering armies and communication armies. The meeting most part is made by museum subjects lejb - guards of Sapernogo of a battalion. This museum, as well as all regimental museums, after 1917, have been disbanded, and has entered Central military - an engineering museum which in 1963 was a part Military - a historical museum of artillery, engineering armies and communication armies.

In 1713 obligatory preparation of all combat arms has been entered into Russia on engineering.

Engineering armies were in pre-revolutionary Russia on special position, used protection of the highest persons, representatives of an imperial surname. Separate regiments and battalions of engineering armies have left an appreciable trace in a military history of Russia. One of them is lejb - guards of Sapernyj a battalion. It has been formed on December, 27th, 1812 by the decree of emperor Alexander The First. As well as many regiments of Russian army, a battalion had long-term history and traditions. Almost all emperors after accession to the throne accepted over it patronage. Grand duke Nikolay Pavlovich, the future emperor Nikolay The First became the first chief of a battalion on May, 1st, 1817. Emperors Alexander The Second and Alexander The Third were chiefs of a battalion. In its lists Grand dukes Alexey Nikolaevich, Michael Aleksandrovich, Nikolay Nikolaevich were registered, Peter Nikolaevich. Sappers RCVed time and again for services in battle the highest pozhalovanija and differences.