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Lawyers Lazarenko will appeal against sentence

Lawyers were the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine of Paul Lazarenko sentenced in the USA by nine years of imprisonment for swindle and corruption, intend to appeal against sentence.

ABT it lawyer Lazarenko Victor Chevguz has twisted on air of the Fifth television channel of the Ukrainian television on Saturday.

" Concerning the sentence which has been taken out by Lazarenko, lawyers concern unequivocally - it illegal, and it will be appealed against by our colleagues - the American lawyers. Terms are limited - within two weeks the appeal complaint will be submitted, and here with terms the American Themis as we know, especially does not hurry up. Therefore consideration terms can be tightened - and about one year " - Chevguz has told.

Lawyers assert that the American court had no right to sign a sentence to the citizen of Ukraine whom Lazarenko as it contradicts the Ukrainian legislation is.

As informs TV channel, the charge party leant only against the documents given by the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine, own investigation Americans did not spend.

On Friday the federal court of a city the Dignity - Frantsisko (USA) was sentenced were by the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Lazarenko to nine years of imprisonment and has awarded to pay $10 million penalty. Lazarenkos recognised as guilty of corruption, washing up and extortion of money and swindle.

the American Office of Public Prosecutor has put forward against Lazarenko heading the Ukrainian government since June 1996 till July, 1997, charge in extortion, swindle, transportation stolen avuarov and washing up in 1994 - 99 years of $280 million, however later the judge has lowered this sum to $10 million.

In expectation of process eks - the prime minister has spent in prison more than four years, and in June, 2003 has been set free on the security in $65 million.