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the Student detained in the USA, has got dynamite as a souvenir

the American student going by the plane from Argentina in the USA and the arrested person after detection in its luggage of dynamite, is not suspected of communications with terrorists.

As inform local mass-media, it is detained 21 - the summer citizen of the USA Howard MakFarland Fish (Howard M˝Farland Fish).

According to the representative of FBI Shauny Danlep (Shauna Dunlap), Fish flied flight number of 52 companies Kontinental Erlajns (˝ontinental Airlines) from Buenos - Ajresa (Argentina) to Newark (the USA, staff of Nju - Jersey) W landing in Houston (State of Texas).

" For the present examination has not been spent, but there are bases to believe that the draught has been found in luggage of Fisha " dinamitnaja; - have informed in FBI.

As they say in the statement of Immigration and customs service of the USA, the antiterrorist division of FBI has found out that threat of act of terrorism was not.

Now with assistance of Office of Public Prosecutor of Houston the question on criminal case excitation is solved, SPK in the statement.

As inform local mass-media referring to head of the Argentina police on an air transport of Marselo Sajna (Mar˝elo Sain), the bottle has been found in luggage of the student from - under the cook - koly in which was " the tube W amiachnoj saltpeter, is a little dynamite and a detonator ".

According to the Houston broadcasting company KTRK - 13, dynamite, an igniter, a self-made detonator and about 100 grammes of ammoniac saltpeter are found out.

Fish passed standard check in the international airport of a name of George Bush when at it suspicious subjects have been found out.

As the student has declared, it studied mines in Bolivia and has got elements of an explosive as a souvenir.