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Bojarskov: to discharge the contractor restoring a cathedral it is illogical

Rukovodstvo Rosohrankultury does not consider necessary discharge of the contractor conducting restoration WRK of the Troitsk cathedral, head Rosohrankultury Boris Bojarskov has informed News.

" We by results of conducted yesterday and 2DAY researches happened have come to a conclusion ABT inexpediency of stay of action of the licence of the contractor working on restoration of a cathedral " - Bojarskov has told.

As he said, the contractor who conducted restoration WRK of a temple, knows specificity of WRK that can help at monument preservation.

" Now it is necessary to take measures on prevention of the further destruction of a monument. In connection with approach osenne - the winter period it is necessary to spend urgently konservatsionnye WRK " - head Rosohrankultury has underlined.

In its opinion, the final decision ABT destiny of the contractor can be accepted only upon termination of investigation of the reasons of an event.

Bojarskov has underlined that all values which were in a temple, are rescued. " employees of our management worked on a scene and have provided rescue of values " - he has told.

According to head Rosohrankultury that among the values representing istoriko - cultural value, in Troitsk a cathedral there were seven icons concerning not state part of museum fund. These icons have been taken out from a temple and translated to storage in the State Hermitage. " all these subjects have been translated to storage in the Hermitage and accepted by the main keeper. Them delivered by the car of the Hermitage accompanied by GAI " - Bojarskov has told.

" We at the moment do not give comments on an event to event, and we consider necessary, having rolled up sleeves, to eliminate consequences happened misfortunes " - head Rosohrankultury has concluded.