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Matvienko promises to restore as fast as possible the Troitsk cathedral

the Governor of St.-Petersburg of Valentine Matvienko again has assured that the Troitsk cathedral of Petersburg will be restored after a fire in maximum short terms.

" 2DAY about it at us has passed meeting, me it is entrusted to carry investigation, to examine the suffered designs, and we will try in maximum to restore short terms a building " - has told the governor to journalists on Saturday.

As she said, matelnyj the damage from a fire is not established yet.

Matvienko has noticed that the consequence should establish the guilty, and 2 them the strict measures will be applied.

" Genpodrjadchik it was estimated as the professional restoration organisation. Nevertheless, from the contractor on such objects there should be a control, there should be firemen and representatives of the supervising organisations " - has added the governor.

Under its data, the fire in a cathedral is liquidated.