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In Belgium for 28 days term of holding in custody of Chechens

Court of the Belgian city of Brugge is prolonged has prolonged the day before holding in custody of 16 Chechens arrested for razbojnyj a touch on a disco in Ostende, have informed on Saturday local mass-media.

the Office of Public Prosecutor of Brugge has asked court to prolong for 28 days the maintenance of Chechens in a pre-trial detention centre.

According to local mass-media, in court they have been delivered under the strengthened protection: at the moment of arrest Chechens threatened policemen with a rough handling.

As it was informed earlier, on August, 19th group approximately from 30 Chechens armed in baseball bits, sticks 4 a golf and sticks, has rushed into a disco premise " ˝arre Bea˝h " in a resort a city at the Belgian coast of the North Sea also has started to plunder having a rest.

Thus six persons among whom there were security guards of a pleasure institution, have got traumas of different severity level. One person has been taken to hospital W a brain concussion.

According to mass-media, the arrested person will bring accusation in beating, drawing matelnogo a damage and participation in criminal group. For deliberate group violence to them can threaten till 15 years and above imprisonment.

search of other participants of a touch Is conducted.

According to the Belgian mass-media, the incident history lasts since August, 12th, when protection dansinga " ˝arre Bea˝h " has not passed in a pleasure institution about ten Chechens. In some days, on August, 16th, they were to sort out relations, but already W " a reinforcement " - all B4 20 persons. Thanks to police intervention then serious incident managed to be avoided.

In Belgium now there is a considerable number of the Chechens RCVed or expecting granting of the status of the refugee.