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Volleyball players of Russian national team have won the consolatory ending of World league

Russian national team has taken the third place in World league - the most prestigious in man`s volleyball the commercial tournament which prize fund this year has made $20 million. On Sunday the Russian team with bill 3 - 0 (25:20, 25:19, 25:18) in a match for 3 - e a place has changed a national team of Bulgaria.

the Best indicator of Russian national team in World league there is a victory in draw of 2001. Russians 2 seven times got to number of prize-winners in 1991 (3 - e a place), 1993 (2-), 1996 (3-), 1997 (3-), 1998 (2-), 2000 (2-) and 2001 (3-) In 2004 and 2005 Russian national team did not accept participation in World league which is annually spent since 1990.

Martin Stoeva`s Wards, in turn, have repeated the best result of modular Bulgaria in this tournament, before occupying 4 - e a place in 1994 and 2004

the Third place will bring to the command of Zorana Gajicha of $300 thousand bonus, to modular Bulgaria will get on $100 thousand less.

Tournament of six strongest modular World leagues - 2006 passes in Moscow and will come to the end on Sunday with a final duel between Brazilian national teams and France. The winner of tournament will RCV $1 million prize-winning, $500 thousand will get to the command which has taken the second place.

Except command prize-winning which will get to ANY1 of six teams - participants of a final part of World league, the individual are provided also. Maximum - on $40 thousand - the best and most productive players of tournament will RCV.