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Kosovan Serbs demand to close the bridge through the river Ibr

W the requirement to block 4 pedestrians and motor transport the bridge through the river Ibr dividing northern part occupied by Serbs of the city of Kosovska Mitrovitsa and southern, where there live Kosovan Albanians, on Sunday one of influential public organisations of Kosovan Serbs " was converted 2 United Nations administration in edge (UNMIK); the Serbian national board ".

Representatives of this organisation insist on that movement on the bridge has been blocked up to the termination of the Viennese negotiations ABT the definitive status of Kosovo and Metohii. According to leaders of Advice, such measure is necessary for safety of citizens of the Serbian nationality living in Kosovan Mitrovitsa in connection with the provocations which have become frequent recently from Albanians.

without waiting reactions of the international authorities of Kosovo to the requirement, Serbs have made decision to expose pickets which will bear here round-the-clock watch on territory adjoining to the bridge.

past Saturday the young man of the Albanian nationality has thrown a manual grenade on a summer terrace of the cafe close to the bridge. As a result of explosion of wound of various weight nine visitors who were in cafe, including the citizen of Great Britain, the employee of the international police in Kosovo have RCVed.

Acting on Sunday on a press - conferences in Kosovan Mitrovitsa, the member of delegation of Serbia at negotiations on the status of Kosovo Marko Jakshich has informed that for last six MTH in edge has been fixed over 70 cases of an attack of Kosovan Albanians on citizens of the Serbian nationality. " The majority of these incidents are qualified by the international police as gangsterism whereas it is a question mainly, of crimes on national soil ".