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Hurricane " Ernesto " comes nearer to Haiti

the Tropical storm " Ernesto " became the first hurricane in a season of 2006 in Atlantic. News have informed on it in the CTR on forecasting of hurricanes of National hydrometeorological service of the USA.

" the Tropical storm " Ernesto " has gained in strength and now it is retrained in hurricane. At present Ernesto comes nearer to Haiti and is in 180 kilometres 2 jugo - to the West from Port - ABT - Prens and in 340 kilometres 2 jugo - jugo - to the east from Guantanamo (Cuba). Speed of the wind accompanying hurricane, makes 120 kilometres per hour " - have informed in the CTR.

Weather forecasters expect that hurricane will amplify and to Cuba will approach already having the second category, that is the strength of wind, soprovozhdajushchajaja Ernesto, will be above 154 kilometres per hour.

Now ward " Ernesto " Haiti, in Dominican republic expects in Jamaica, in Cuba and islands Kajmanovyh - storm and storm preventions everywhere are in these parts declared.

Apparently from computer model of a way of the tropical storm, created in the CTR on forecasting of hurricanes in Miami (State of Florida), inhabitants of Florida can feel the strong wind proceeding from " Ernesto " already less, than in 72 hours.

hurricane will approach To Florida from the western coast of staff and will pass on all its width. As weather forecasters expect, at coast of Florida hurricane will reach already the third category, that is speed of the wind accompanying it, will make over 178 kilometres per hour.