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In plane accident in the USA the pilot

In plane accident in American state Kentucky, according to preliminary data, has survived the pilot, according to preliminary data, has survived, informs TV channel MsNbs.

As has informed News earlier the representative of clinic of University of Kentucky where has been delivered survived, to Gejl Hirston, in the medical CTR from an accident place the man in a critical status has been delivered.

" the Survived passenger - the man, it is in reanimatsionnom branch, its status critical " - Hirston has told.

As has phoned News the representative of company Komejr to which posessed the plane which has suffered accident, Libbi Korosek (Lebby Korose˝), flight 5191 which went from Lexington to Atlanta, has suffered accident in 6. 07 mornings, right after soar. The plane has fallen in woody district in one and a half kilometres from the airport. According to preliminary data, aboard there could be a fire. Eyewitnesses of a crash of airplane heard explosion.

At the same time experts of TV channel MsNbs assume that the plane ˝RJ - 100 could fly up W shorter take-off - a landing strip, having got on it by mistake.

According to preliminary data, as a result of accident 49 persons from 50 were onboard were lost.