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In Berlin the bilingual Russian private school first in Germany

While them only 12 - small Russians and Germans has opened, 4 which this Sunday (official day of the beginning of school academic year in the German capital) the private Russian school first in Germany W teaching of all subjects in two languages - Russian and German has hospitably opened the doors.

" while in it (school) only the one first class consisting from " graduates " four Berlin Russian kindergartens, the incorporated which parents advice became the initiator of continuation of bilingual training of children already at school level " - Marina Burd has explained News the head of this project.

Burd, 45 - the summer native of Rostov-on-Don, lives 16 years together with the husband - the German in Germany, has the two children who have grown in a bilingual family who had no possibility to go to a bilingual kindergarten or school - such in Berlin it was not simple.

having diplomas of the music-master and the political scientist, madam Burd actively is engaged some years in realisation of the project bilingual preschool and school education of which dreamt 4 own children.

as she said, two years a parents advice and group same, as she, " bilingual enthusiasts " collected necessary documents and obtained licences 4 opening of new school. " we are very grateful to the senate of Berlin which not only has positively concerned our idea, but also has supported it matelno, having included in system of elementary education subsidised with the earth and having allocated us a building of the former kindergarten " - Marina has noted.

Thus, the budget Russian - German school (is more exact while unique first class), the euro making approximately 140 thousand a year, develops of the grant of Berlin, private offerings and small parental payments.

Bilingual teaching on obligatory 4 elementary schools of the earth Berlin to the program W officially countenanced additions from programs of the Russian schools is conducted, accordingly, by German and Russian teachers. " they have obtained necessary licences, including our German teacher temporarily - before creation of full high school - will execute also duties of the director " - Marina has added.

, as she said, the school free of charge gives All German and Russian textbooks to the pupils, parents buy only working writing-books and auxiliary mately. 4 convenience of parents at school the group of the prolonged day will work 2.

the Cheerful feast of the beginning of academic year has passed in Sunday in the Russian CTR of a science and culture in Berlin, so-called " the Russian house " whence then parents and children have been delivered by specially reserved bus in new school.

Organizers have tried to make solemn " consecration to schoolboys " the remembered. Pervoklashkam, dressed in the nice school uniform chosen from variety of local children`s clothes by parents, of course, gifts - set of useful school trifles, sweets and the toys packed into beautiful motley boxes in the form of enormous cones have given.

elegantly dressed kids from Russian detsadikov have sung in Russian and German languages cheerful parting words to the senior M8 going first time in the first class, have played some amusing sketches from " detsadovskoj lives " also have promised " by all means to meet AGN already within the precincts of new school ".

representatives of firm " have pleasantly pleased participants of the bilingual school project; Zarubezhgaz - Erdgashandel - Gesells˝haft (ZGG) " - affiliated company Russian " Gazprom ". A number of employees ZGG, whose children began to visit recently bilingual Russian gardens, have interested in the school project company management which has looked after school and " has presented " the agreement on financial support.

Marina Burd considers that now the project will develop " is much more QIK ".

" More and more people in Germany is interested in our bilingual gardens and school. 2 us were already converted from Leipzig W the request to help with creation there the same garden. Basically, the system of bilingual teaching in Germany enough widespread, ESP - English - German, is also others, but Russian - German gardens, and now and the private school is ours " nou - hau " Which we willingly will share with all interested persons " - has told in end