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Russia will not incur all risks under the project " Sakhalin - 2 "

Head Minpromenergo of the Russian Federation Victor Khristenko declares that Russia should not incur commercial risks under the project Sakhalin - 2.

On a press - conferences in Khristenko`s News has noticed that a situation at the prices in 1994 when subscribed SRP, and 2DAY - " it as though two different lives ".

Khristenko recognised that there are objective factors of rise in price of the project. " for this period not only oil has risen in price, but also metal has risen in price, tickets for planes have risen in price. Much that has changed, of course, for 12 years. But, as a matter of fact, in this plan also there are conditions of the agreement which subscribe, that, by and large, risks - that to divide " - the minister has told.

As he said, commercial risks the operator of the project should bear, and the state from its part should provide the stable legislation and working conditions under the project. " Therefore we would like to divide fairly risks in a new situation, and not to carry them to indemnification at the expense of Russia in this case " - head Minpromenergo has noted.

Khristenko has reminded that at signing SRP to the investor have been given " conditions more than preferential and loyal ".