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Chancellor Merkel supports sanctions concerning Iran

the Federal chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel considers that time 4 sanctions concerning Iran has come.

" From Iran negative signals concerning its nuclear program continue to arrive. Unfortunately, I am urged to ascertain that time has come to think over sanctions, to be engaged in study of possible sanctions concerning Iran " more precisely; - has declared Merkel on Tuesday on a press - conferences on results of negotiations from premieres - the minister of Israel Ehudom Olmertom.

She has underlined that " the military man vant " 4 it is not subject to discussion.

" We will make everything to stop development of the nuclear program of Iran, using for this purpose all diplomatic means available in our disposal, and also possibilities of rendering of influence on a management of Iran " - Merkel has told.

She regrets, what not all countries which could play a positive role in this process, show such readiness. In particular, as she said, it is impossible to name signals arriving from Syria optimistical.

At the same time it took under protection against the Israeli criticism of Minister for Foreign Affairs Frank - Walter Shtajnmajera who has visited recently Syria. Merkel considers that the attempt undertaken by it to convince a management of this country to be connected to settlement process " was worthy of it ".

" IAC, now we have a full clearness about a position of the Syrian management " - has noted Merkel.

the Prime minister - the minister of Israel has thanked Germany and its government for an accurate position of aversion of statements of Iran concerning the Holocaust and the right of Israel to existence as independent state.

" We are glad to resolute condemnation by Germany of statements of the Iranian government and conference passing now in Iran on Israel. They show that the Iranian policy has unacceptable character and poses threat not only 4 Israel, but also 4 all western culture " - has underlined Olmert.

Merkels and its visitor have CFMed with adherence to the Middle East problem decision on the basis " a road map " and principles " a Near-Eastern quartet ".