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Justified on " to business of Holodova " 11 million roubles of indemnification

Military man VDV Konstantin Mirzajants justified on the case of murder of journalist Dmitry Holodova demands almost, has increased the sum of indemnification demanded by it, has informed News on Tuesday a press - the secretary of the Moscow district military court (MOVS) Evgenie Komissarov.

" At today`s session of Mirzajants has increased the claim sum ABT rehabilitation by one million roubles. Thus, now he demands to collect from the Ministry of Finance almost 11 million roubles " - has told Commissioners.

as Respondents under the claim the Ministry of Finance and the State Office of Public Prosecutor act. The former accused demands to pay it indemnification for unreasonable criminal prosecution.

the Press - the secretary has reminded that Mirzajants along with other suspects contained in a pre-trial detention centre.

" The lawyer of the military man has given to court the inquiry from a pre-trial detention centre of Lefortovo ABT cost of grocery and ware transfers, and also ABT remittances in an insulator 4 Mirzajantsa. The claimant and its protection consider that these expenses 2 should be included in the claim as they have been suffered from - for unreasonable prosecutions on business of Holodova " - has informed Commissioners.

the Representative of the Ministry of Finance could not give own calculations of the sum which is subject to pay to the claimant. In this connection session is postponed for December, 19th.

Colds has been killed on October, 17th, 1994. In June, 2004 MOVS has completely justified six journalists accused of murder, and in March, 2005 the Sovereign court has CFMed with legality of the verdict of “not guilty“, and it has come into force.

the First of justified on " to business of Holodova " into court W the claim ABT rehabilitation it was converted eks - head of investigation VDV Paul Popovsky. In the claim he insisted on compensation to it over 6,5 million roubles, and also that B4 it Irina Alyoshin has apologised a state accuser on criminal case.

However the court has essentially lowered indemnification for the illegal maintenance Popovsky under guards during 52 MTH and has awarded to pay to it of 2,5 million roubles. 2 the Sovereign court has released the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia from bringing of Popovsky apologies.