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Participants of conference on the Holocaust have created research committee

In Teheran on Tuesday the international conference on the Holocaust " has come to the end; Holocaust Research, the international sight ".

Following the results of the discussions which were passing in frameworks of conference, participants have created research committee on Holocaust studying. The committee the Iranian scientist Mohammad Ali Ramin became which secretary, included experts from France, Iran, Bahrain, Austria, Canada, the USA, Syria and Switzerland.

" Participants of this committee are not racists and do not oppose any people, they only aspire to truth 4 the valid freedom of mankind " - has quoted Mohammad Ali Ramina`s words the Iranian news agency ISNA.

Conference was organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, it has passed in Institute of the international and political researches (IMPI) the Iranian foreign policy department.

the Decision on action carrying out was accepted after the president of Islamic Republic Mahmud Ahmadinezhad has called into question the fact and scales of mass destruction of Jews in days of the Second World War.

the Iranian president in public statements, naming the Holocaust " a myth " offered the countries feeling fault for  destruction of Jews, to give a part of the territory 4 carrying over of the Jewish state and to solve thus the Palestinian problem.

In sekretat a staff 4 forum carrying out have arrived about hundred articles on a subject of the Holocaust from 30 countries.

Organizers have invited 4 participation in conference of 67 foreign experts from 30 countries, including the former leader of American racist organisation Ku - kluks - David Djuka`s clan, the known French scientist Robbera Forissona denying the Holocaust, Australian Frederika Tobena which in the performance at conference has declared that in a concentration camp of Aushvits millions prisoners were lost not, and only

Besides, on action there were three rabbis from Antizionist sect " Naturej the Map " known for the communications with opponents of Israel.

the Representative from Austria Wolfgang Froehlih who has spent two years in prison for the sights at the Holocaust, has declared on Tuesday to participants of conference that according to the advice of the lawyer refuses to act W the report as is afraid again to get for a lattice.

Many participants of conference gave thanks to Ahmadinezhada for the given possibility to express in Teheran various opinions on the Holocaust and that giving thanks to its public position on this question world community can express distinct from standard the opinion on a genocide of Jews.

As the senior research assistant of Institute of world economy invited to action considers and the international relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences Victor Nadein - Raevsky attempts of organizers of the international conference on the Holocaust in Iran to reconsider history are unpromising.

" Conference in Teheran under the Holocaust is " parade of revisionists ". I consider that we should not give questions of studying of a genocide and the Holocaust on a payoff to revisionists " - Nadein - Raevsky News at conference opening has told.

" They can prove as much as necessary that figures of victims as a result of the Holocaust are overestimated, can EVN deny the fact of the Holocaust, but from it history not to change " - the Russian expert has added.

Nadein - Raevsky has been invited to conference Iranian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from scientifically - the research CTR " the Forum " one of which founders it is.

It is expected that the MTG of the Iranian president with participants of conference on Tuesday evening will take place.