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the American military men in Iraq will struggle W unemployment

. The Pentagon has decided to change strategy in Iraq and instead of expansion of power actions to restore workplaces.

As the Washington Post newspaper informs on Tuesday, small special divisions of the American army have gone to the most dangerous areas of Iraq 4 restoration of an order of 200 state factories which have been actually thrown after intrusion of the USA into Iraq in 2003.

" the Problem of these commands - to provide workplaces tens thousand Iraqis that is the plan on decrease in considerable unemployment and violence reduction in the country " - marks the edition.

By estimations of military experts, extremely the high level of unemployment which reaches in some areas of Iraq 70 %, forces people to take money from insurgents for installation of land mines at roads or to fire at the American soldiers.

According to general Peter Kiarelli (Peter ˝hiarelli), new workplaces can make much more, than escalating of the American military contingent or more aggressive fighting operations.

" We need to employ the embittered youth. Odina from the reasons on which it is difficult to us to establish stability in the country, is a failure in economy adjustment. EVN rather small decrease in unemployment will make very serious impact on level of murders on religious soil " - has declared Kiarelli in Washington Post interview.

it was initially planned that capacities in Iraq will be bought or leased by private investors, however in the conditions of instability of it has not occurred. Many factories have been thrown, a part from them have plundered.

the Social system of Iraq does not cover all unemployed. Only the part from them is RCVed by welfare payments which are lowest and make about 20 % of that people if worked full time could earn.