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Greece is satisfied by the compromise reached in EU concerning Turkey

Greece satisfied by the compromise reached by heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of EU Member States in relation to Turkey, has declared on Tuesday the head of foreign policy department of the country Dora Bakojanni (Dora Bakoyannis).

" very difficult negotiating process has come to the end. Its results satisfy us, as correspond to our purposes " - has declared Bakojanni.

On the eve of head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 25 EU Member States have countenanced the Eurocommission offer to suspend negotiations which are conducted since October of last year, on eight of 35 technical points. Negotiations will be suspended on the questions, concerning free movement of the goods, services, capitals, fishery, agriculture, transport, customs and trade.

" There is a uniform position of the European Union and an accurate signal to the country - to the candidate (Turkey) that the unique right way of normal negotiating process consists in corresponding to the European criteria and preconditions " - chapter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece has told.

" At Turkey is and there should be a clear prospect of the introduction into EU. It provides performance of the duties by Turkey and obligations " - has added Bakojanni.

the Minister hope of a rapid progress in negotiations W Turkey on a number of other questions, such as human rights, the religious liberty and the rights of minority 2 has expressed. Bakojanni 2 has expressed hope of adjustment of good-neighbourhood W neighbouring countries, including W Greece, and on the permission of disagreements in the international court in the Hague.