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the number of victims of explosion in garrison has increased In Turkey B4 eight persons

Turkish rescuers on Tuesday evening have taken from - under apartment house fragments in the city of Diyarbakir on jugo - the east of the country a body of one more victim. Thus, the number of victims of explosion which has occurred the day before in Turkish military garrison, has increased B4 eight persons, broadcasting company NTV passes.

Earlier it was possible to rescue eight persons, including some children who have been buried under structure blockages.

Explosion in 10 - a condominium of command of the Seventh army case where lived 40 military men of Turkish army and members of their families, has occurred in the morning on Monday. One of two entrances of a building has been completely destroyed, another - partially.

Under the version of the investigation, explosion of a steam copper of a boiler-house in the house where a day before it repair work was spent became the incident reason.