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the White house has denounced conference on the Holocaust

George Bush`s Administration has denounced two-day conference on the Holocaust in Iran.

" While the whole world people mark the International week of human rights and CFM with solemn obligations of the Universal declaration of the human rights written on traces of crimes of the Second World War, the Iranian mode izvrashchenno tries to call into question a historic fact of these crimes and to give a platform 4 hatred " - it is SPK in extended on Tuesday in Washington the statement of the White house.

Noticing that " the concourse denying the Holocaust in Teheran is a call to all civilised world, traditional Iranian values of tolerance and mutual respect " Bush`s administration informs 2 that " the USA will continue to support those in Iran and in other countries who aspires to advancement of human rights and worthiness ".

" The USA will stand near to them in their efforts on struggle against oppression, injustice and tyranny " - it is SPK in the statement.

According to the American mass-media, 67 participants have taken part in conference in Teheran from 30 countries of the world, including the former head of American racist organisation Ku - kluks - David Djuka`s clan.

" there Should be a freedom of speech, and that the Holocaust cannot be discussed freely, is scandal " - has declared Djuk to agency Rejter, explaining the presence at the Teheran conference.

On Tuesday B4 a building of permanent mission of Iran at the United Nations in New York there will pass a mass protest action against conference on the Holocaust which is spent in Teheran with support of the Iranian authorities.