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the Expert: polonium used to call suspicions to Russia

the Radioactive element polonium in " business of Litvinenko " is the original false trail, called to call a public resonance and suspicions to Russia, the president of a German Society of radiating protection of Sebastjan Pflugbajl considers.

" it is represented To me strange, first of all, what broad band of traces is left round the killed Alexander Litvinenko. They pass through a floor - Europe. And meanwhile there are much more imperceptible methods that someone to kill " - the expert in interview to TV program " has told; Tagesshau " on Tuesday.

radiation Traces have been found in Hamburg in apartments which were visited by the Russian businessman Dmitry Kovtun meeting in October, 2006 in LDN W eks - the employee of FSB Alexander Litvinenko. In a body of Litvinenko after his death the British experts have found out polonium traces - 210. At Kovtun as the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation informed, the disease connected with a poisoning radioactive nuklidom is revealed.

" - very dangerous radiator an alpha - particles, but thus its radiation it is possible to isolate Polonium EVN a sheet of paper " - has explained Pflugbajl. As he said, at desire this element can be transported EZ in densely closed vessel, without leaving any traces.

" Or criminals were full laymans, or traces are left specially to direct suspicions in a certain direction " - the known German physicist considers.

On specifying question on on whom unknown malefactors tried to cast a shade, Pflugbajl with confidence named a management of Russia and its special service which he names the old name of KGB.

" All should look so as if it was retaliation of people from KGB against the colleague - the traitor. Similar payments W the agents who have left the secret services practise whole world special services. It surprises nobody. However in this case attracts attention a strange image of action: employees of special services are usually fine trained how to clean people, without leaving traces. And here, as specially, the path directly B4 Moscow " is laid; - the expert has told.

Pflugbajl considers that criminals not W/ O the bases expected to amaze with use of an unusual radioactive element the public, to evoke a wide response.

" performance was necessary to Someone. Polonium - exotic metal, an isotope, already is a lot of years of interest for nuclear manufacture. To get it always it was not so EZ and rather expensive. If W its help someone to kill and thus so on a substantial scale napachkat, clearly that all world press will be put on a head " - the scientist has noted.

the Physicist has negatively answered a question, a leah cases of use of polonium for special services 4 elimination of political opponents are known to it. " no, IDK any such case " - he has underlined.

ABT an origin of the radioactive element used 4 murder, has noted Pflugbajl, it is possible to guess only. In particular, as he said, there were hearings that on one of nuclear manufactures in Ural Mountains a quantity of this substance was gone.

Head Rostehnadzora Konstantin Pulikovski declared News that on all objects, persons under surveillance to this department, nuclear mately are under the strict control.

" When this subject has started to be exaggerated in a press, we everywhere have spent additional check. Absolutely precisely I SPK that in any structures of ours toplivno - a nuclear complex behind which we supervise, any deviations from specifications on storage and moving nuclear matelov including polonium, it is not revealed " - has told then Pulikovski.

Sebastjan Pflugbajl holds fast of the president of a German Society of radiating protection since 1999. The known scientist and the legal expert, it actively supports many years suffered from Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe. Since 1993 Pflugbajl is the chairman of the Union " Children of Chernobyl ".