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the Office of Public Prosecutor demands dissolution of jurymen on the case of attempt at Chubays

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation again has asked Moscow Regional Court to dismiss board of jurymen on the case of attempt at the head of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ of Russia Anatoly Chubays.

" 2DAY a state accuser has declared the petition for board dissolution " - the lawyer of one of defendants of Ruslan Koblev has declared News.

Attempt at Chubays has been made on March, 17th, 2005 on departure from settlement Larks of Odintsovo area of Moscow Region. Along the line a train of the head of power holding has worked an explosive then cars have been fired. Chubays has not suffered.

as the Basis 4 board dissolution publications in a number of mass-media ABT court actions have served, in particular, Koblev has told. As he said, the information has been published referring to lawyer Chubays Andrey Shugaeva.

Process on business passes in the closed mode.

" It srezhissirovannaja together with court the action. And the purpose one - to dismiss board on the NE it is artificial to the created bases. In their opinion (Office of Public Prosecutor), this board is already capable to take out a justificatory verdict " - the defender has told.

At the same time, he has noticed that actions of Office of Public Prosecutor are connected with detention on Monday of Ivan Mironov who long time was in federal search.

The day before the Office of Public Prosecutor has brought its accusation in attempt at Chubays.

In turn, lawyer Shugaev has declared News that gave interview " exclusively ABT Mironov`s detention also did not discuss the questions connected with this process ".

" We observe all usages which were entered by the judge, closing process " - he has noted.

Shugaev categorically against discussion of any questions concerning directly of process.

Now in judicial session the break is declared. Predictably, the position lawyer Shugaev and the protection parties then the court will leave in a consultative room 4 decision removal 2MORO will voice.