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the Politically correct definition: the Russian person

the Idea purposeful socially - political designing is, of course, extremely attractive. Therefore also there is in power a lawful desire to build correct and harmonous political system, having cleaned from it all superfluous.   having left only reasonable, kind. And, of course, eternal - in scales of foreseeable political prospect.

Correct is that W/ O extreme measures: one party - is hardly more left, another - hardly is more right. And more any makeweight - one - two parties, incorporating all other possible experiences and moods of electorate.

But W such statement of a question agree not all. As has shown the congress which has taken place on Saturday of the reanimated Congress of Russian Communities.

it is obvious that basis KRO is made by people who have been pushed out from political beau monde, forced out in marginal sphere. The same Dmitry Rogozin who has become in   Time an undesirable figure - when has decided that in the politician it is possible to play by the rules.  

It seems, to all of them have already explained: at us in the politician     places are distributed and occupied. Superfluous you. But all of them equally aspire   to participate.   « superfluous » itself do not consider.   what we superfluous, time   for Russia and for Russian?!

That on it you will mind?.

Nationalism - an effective way of advancement to the real policy of 4 whom 2DAY in it it is not provided places. The nationalism is   not any political strategy kadavr. It is the real, live political program. Convincing political rhetoric of the widest spectrum. Under this flag it is possible to struggle for everything. It is possible - for revival of national culture and national traditions, it is possible - for

Concrete parties or the social movements using nationalist slogans, it is possible to declare superfluous in our political system. But here in itself nationalist sentiments   superfluous you will not declare - senselessly, and, the main thing, extremely dangerously.

Therefore it is much more interesting   not prospects of concrete social movement, and a problem of nationalism.

There is a long history of renamings   the Russian ministry of affairs of nationalities. Which   separated on two departments, then AGN united, selected functions, then added... And, eventually, the charter W it to be engaged, on a broader scale have abolished.

In a word, as   in such cases SPK, « sex at us is not present ».

but nationalism it will not be possible to consider only in a plane of folklore and national crafts. CUZ we have Kondopoga, there is St.-Petersburg and Voronezh.

Is « indigenous population of Russia » - concept which was entered into an actual political turn by the president. With all that it implies 4 the foreigners occupying the markets and marketing. But there are also gangs of the skinheads hunting on at whom « wrong » a hair colour and skin.

There is an ethnic criminality, ethnic criminal groupings, but as we know, - « the gangster does not have nationality ».

There are our compatriots abroad which we invite to Russia. But there is also a subject of protection of interests local   the population in connection with new laws on migration.

There is a personnel selection in the national republics, preferring (it is softly told!) To citizens of the title nation.

There is the Directory of the Russian person bought by me in a solid bookshop in the CTR of Moscow which would be more correct to name the Directory of the freezed anti-semite.

There is, at last, a latent support of nationalist sentiments in the power and power structures.

Is, from my POV, intended and extremely dangerous division of a society. CUZ, when we about someone SPK « ours » necessarily we mean those who « not ours ». And if is « local » of course, is and « not local ». And, means, why the hell they here gad?!  

Still there is clumsy, but exclusively politically correct expression: « the Russian person ». The Russian citizen - yes, but the Russian person... Grammar, Russian rules resist. But it   The inhabitant of far LDN or Paris does not do distinctions between Russian, the Ukrainian, the Tatar, the Mordvinian or the Daghestani. 4 them they, Russian-speaking,   all - Russian.

4 us -   not so. And how?   Russians, Russian?

in general, continuous nevnjatitsa, reticences   and obvious contradictions.

On such here to powerful nutritious base the parties maintaining nationalist slogans also grow.

Certainly, start up at us will be many parties and politicians - Gud and different. And EVN enough sharp sights. Against our political   sterility of an extreme measure look very much EVN zhivenko. Diversify korotkostrizhennyj a landscape with such hillocks and flood gullies. If only did not transpass a dangerous side.

But   abundantly clear that 2DAY in an ethnic question the society and the power balance on such dangerous side, evading from a recognition of presence of a serious problem.

much more serious, than returning attempt in the real policy of the characters forced out from it.

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