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Iran will not accept the new resolution of UNSF, has declared Laridzhani

Iran in advance rejects the UN Security Council resolution which TXT is co-ordinated now " the six " (constant members of UNSF and Germany).

" Last draught resolution of UNSF is unacceptable for Iran, as in this resolution Iran is limited in the right of use of peace nuclear energy " - the secretary of the High council of national security (VSNB) Iran has declared to journalists on Wednesday Ali Laridzhani.

He has noticed that 4 the world community there are no bases 4 trouble concerning a peace orientation of the Iranian nuclear program, as " Iran still never used the nuclear weapon ".

Laridzhani has underlined that Teheran is ready to return to the negotiating table W Europeans 4 the decision of the Iranian nuclear problem, having noticed that " The European countries have faced problems on a way of an establishment of relations W our country and negotiations W them have been suspended by Iran from - for defaults by Europeans of the obligations ".

" the UN Security Council should not be connected to the decision of a nuclear problem of Iran as it is a technical problem. The problem should be resolved under IAEA control for this reason inspectors of agency constantly are in Iran and supervise our nuclear activity " - he has told.