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the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan: Afghanistan should bear itself responsibility for problems

the Root of problems of Afghanistan it is necessary to search in the Afghanistan, and these problems should dare Afghanistan, has declared the official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan to Tasnim Aslam (Tasneem Aslam).

" While movement " the Taliban " freely operates in the Afghanistan, Pakistan does all necessary for struggle against extremism and terrorism that its territory was not used by insurgents against Afghanistan " - she has told.

the Representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reminded that the Pakistan authorities have developed on border 80 - a thousand contingent, perform military operations against insurgents.

" the International forces in Afghanistan (ISAF) should do more. Should be engaged in restoration of the country Afghans, thus the international community can make much more 4 the economic help to this country " - it is SPK in the statement of the official representative of the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This statement became the answer to charges to Islamabad W which the president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai has acted on Wednesday. The Afghani leader has accused the Pakistan government of attempt " to enslave " Afghans.

" Pakistan yet has not left hopes to transform us into slaves, but it will not manage to achieve it. The tyranny in relation to our people is shown not by the people of Pakistan, and its government " - quote the Pakistan mass-media performance of Karzaja B4 students in the Afghani city of Kandahar.

the Pakistan observers name this statement of Karzaja " the most rigid " for all time of strain of relations.

the Sharp cold snap in relations of Islamabad and Kabul proceeds already some MTH. Afghanistan accuses Pakistan that that does 4 struggle against the rests of Talibs which have found a refuge in the Pakistan territory insufficiently and make sorties to Afghanistan. Islamabad in turn declares that Kabul tries to find guilty in own failures.

In the beginning of December Kabul the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan has visited Hurshid Mehmud Kasuri, attempt of reconciliation W the Kabul authorities was one of overall objectives of its trip. However, by estimations of the Pakistan sources, this visit proceeding two days instead of three planned, has not changed intense relations between these countries.

" Cold war " begun between two main allies of the USA on antiterrorist operation in region, calls serious concern of Washington.