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the Russian scientists predict very strong magnetic storm

In the nearest put - two Russian scientists expect strengthening of geomagnetic activity and very big magnetic storm.

" On Wednesday there was a third strong flash on the Sun in which result in the nearest put - two 2 the Earth interplanetary indignation will come. And it in turn will create a magnetic storm " - laboratory chief IZMIRAN Anatoly Belov has told in interview of News.

As he said, this storm can become the biggest magnetic storm this year. The strong storm already was in April, 2006, and a new storm " can surpass in force April " Belov has noted.

" Fault of today`s flash was the active area which has granted to us a respite and almost week was created nothing. 2DAY it has moved from the east to the CTR of a solar disk and has given flash which was noted at once by a considerable quantity of the accelerated loaded particles very high energy " - the scientist has explained.

As a result, the surface of the Earth was reached by space beams in spite of the fact that us protects magnitosfera and atmosphere. For all history of supervision of cases dohozhdenija solar space beams B4 the Earth was not too much, Belov has noted.

Increase of intensity of space beams has led to that the radiating background has risen. " 2DAY on our detectors of space beams in laboratory we C vatsiju on 25 % that means increase at a quarter of intensity of usual space radiations. This increase one of the greatest in a cycle 4 Moscow " - laboratory chief IZMIRAN has explained.

However, he has urged not to be afraid " this additional radiation ". " If it has increased EVN more, than by 25 %, no trouble in it would not be " - the scientist has told.