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Zhirinovsky: it is favourable to Israel not to advertise presence of the nuclear weapon

Vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky considers that to Israel which, probably, has the nuclear weapon, it is favourable not to declare it openly.

" It for a long time a known hypothesis that, probably, Israel possesses such weapon. But he never officially declared it as the state, and the world never recognised Israel as nuclear power is the correct line, favourable to Israel " - the leader of LDPR of News on Wednesday has told, making comments on the statement of premieres - the minister of Israel who has indirectly mentioned the country among recognised nuclear powers.

According to Zhirinovsky, the statement of Ehuda Olmerta, probably, is connected with last statements of the leader of Iran.

" To it (to the president of Iran) remind that if he will try to carry out the threats Israel to eat than respond and respond so in practice that the aggressor cannot restore the forces " - considers vitse - the speaker.

the Leader of LDPR at the same time believes that any reaction from member countries of nuclear club on the statement of Olmerta will not follow. " no reaction will exist, as there everywhere friends of Israel " - has told vitse - the speaker.

According to Zhirinovsky, in the long term Israel will manage to create against Iran a coalition and, probably, to crush all points where such weapon is made.

" If not to occupy Iran, to crush all possible points where the nuclear weapon is stored and made. Israel reminds that he is able to do it " - Zhirinovsky has told.

" Basically, it is the first point where the nuclear conflict in 21 century is possible. It can occur between Israel and the Arabian countries and, in this case, between Israel and Iran " - he considers.

Vitse - the speaker has noticed that the information on presence at Israel the nuclear weapon filtered into mass-media and earlier.

" Israel openly does not declare it, but reminds the neighbours that the answer can be not only the usual weapon, but also W use of nuclear technologies " - Zhirinovsky has concluded.

journalists have seen Possible sensation in words of Olmerta which in interview of broadcasting company SAT - 1 as it seemed to them, has mentioned Israel among recognised nuclear powers.

" Iran openly, obviously and publicly threatens to erase Israel from the world map. A leah it is possible to tell, what it is the same level when they aspire to have atomic weapons as America, France, Israel and Russia? " - the Israeli prime minister has told.

Rejter L8R has quoted the official representative Israeli Mark Regeva`s who has explained Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Olmert has simply listed four democratic states irrespectively presence or absence at them nuclear potential.